The Story Of Three: Home Renovations That You'll Need to Save Up For

Monday, October 28, 2013

Home Renovations That You'll Need to Save Up For

Guest Post, Home Renovations That You'll Need To Save Up For

When many of us buy properties, we pick something that isn’t completely perfect in terms of decoration or space. This is because we’re trying to find a place with potential that can be finished to our standards in the future. It’s expensive buying a property, so this is a sacrifice that many of us will make just to get on the housing ladder.

For that reason, starting a savings fund can be pretty essential once you’ve bought your house but it need not be traditionalOne of the ways to find the funds could be through peer to peer lending for savings at Zopa. You’ll be able to do the renovations when you’ve got enough of a budget to do sowhile helping businesses and people along the way! But what are the biggest expenses when it comes to work on your house? It completely depends on what your dream home would look like, but here are a few of the things you may need to save up for...


If other properties on your street have set the precedent, you might be looking to extend your property. Many people claim that the best way to do this is to get an architect to work with the planning officer at your local council, as it can take some of the stress away from you. Once the extension is given the green light, you’ll need to get in professionals to do the job, paying both labour and material costs. Never pay the full price up front as you should check the quality of the build to make sure the job is being done properly.

Loft conversion

If you don’t have the space to build into your garden, it may be the case that you want to extend upwards. Depending on the height of the roof, it could be possible to convert your loft into a useable space - perhaps another bedroom or a study. I’ve seen examples where a loft space has been converted into a massive master bedroom suite with dressing rooms and an en-suite toilet; it could be perfect!

New kitchen

Your plans might not extend to these budget busting renovations, it could be that you are simply looking to replace your kitchen units instead. A cheaper way of doing this is keeping the existing cupboards but simply updating the frontage, but it can be nice to have brand new units put in. Also think about the white goods and whether these need to be adapted to fit in with your new look kitchen.

Open plan living

Finally, open plan living is worth thinking about. Older properties have very defined spaces: kitchen, living room, dining room and study. In modern times, many people choose to knock a couple of spaces together to create a more social space. Therefore you might want to knockdown a wall or two to make a kitchen-dining area, or even bring your living space closer to the action happening in the kitchen. Get an architect in to help you with this as you won’t want to take down a supporting wall! It can also be beneficial to hear their advice for how you should organise the space once the walls are removed.

There are a number of online resources where you can find floor plansinterior decorating ideas and more. Always consult a professional though before undertaking any renovations.

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VickeC said...

some really good tips,we have remodeled a house recently an it wasn't cheap

Ann Shirley said...

These are great tips. I am in the process of moving now and I see first-hand how expensive it can be. It's hard to find the "perfect" home. More often than not you will need at least one renovation. The home that I am buying in Millani has a damaged roof. I am currently in the process of finding roofing contractors in Mililani that can do the job. I am lucky to have saved up for it and found a reasonable company. I encourage others to always keep an emergency fund for things like this.

john gregor said...

Thanks for these tips, these are really helpful. I recently moved in. A little bit of renovation still needed to be done for my new home. Though I saved my money for the renovation is helping me a lot in the budget thing and I bought new furniture on sale, replaced my garage door and most importantly I replaced my old guttering system with the new aluminum gutter from The Gutter masters which are rust free and doesn't need any paint again and again. The best part is they have superior strength and stability eventually saving my money over the next few years. These aluminum gutters can be seen at

Linda Homer said...

Thank you for these tips. Last month we have our home renovation and some part of our house we used fabricated structure especially in our garage and in our swimming pool. We spend less that we expected.