The Story Of Three: Planning the Perfect Girls’ Night In

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Planning the Perfect Girls’ Night In

*This is a guest post from John Lewis*

If you fancy a night for just you and your mates then you’ll want to make sure you make it perfect. Ensure only your closest best friends are invited and set the perfect scene for tons of fun. Forget the politics of friendship and ensure only your best buds are invited round or there’s bound to be tension. Below are our top tips for planning that perfect night in.
Setting the Scene
Of course before your friends arrive you’ll want to have a proper tidy up and ensure your friends can feel comfortable lounging on your sofa without finding an old sock hidden behind a pillow. To add to the relaxed comfortable feel you can scatter cushions on the floor and light candles and fairy lights to set the mood. Make sure everything you need for the whole night is ready and don’t forget to choose a dress code – PJs always work well!
Music and Movies
Before you get set into organizing a soundtrack or picking out the movies ensure you’ve got the equipment to guarantee a perfect night. Amplify your television with Bose Solo TV Sound System for a cinema-like experience and to guarantee your tunes are loud enough to dance to then you can simply route your tracks through your telly too or buy a quality mp3 player dock.

If you and your girls have some favorite tracks then put together a playlist to get you all up on your feet. Girlie favorites usually include independent women like Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Madonna but in reality you know your friends better than we do so you should pick the tunes that suit you all.

When it comes to movies, settling down for a cozy cinema night can’t be beaten. You could choose to watch some classic cheese such as The Rocky Horror Show or you could choose to opt for a more modern chick flick that’s guaranteed to get you all blubbing.
Food and Drink
Make sure you’ve got the champers on ice! No, we’re only kidding you know your friends and you know what they like. A range of their favourite spirits or even a couple of bottles of wine should be enough to guarantee a fun and enjoyable night. You could even go in for some fun cocktail creation as one of your activities for the night.

When it comes to food you really need to throw your diet out of the window – just for one day mind. Call out for a takeaway and have a range of snacks and nibbles on hand to gorge on before the pizza or Chinese arrives. Chocolate desserts are the perfect end to a great night.
There are plenty of fun activities on top of movies and music that you can enjoy. Have a pamper party and enjoy all your favourite beauty products or have a huge fashion mag read-a-thon. Another must-have is a camera to get all your fun recorded for the next time!

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