The Story Of Three: Crawl and Calm Resistance Tunnel Review

Monday, November 11, 2013

Crawl and Calm Resistance Tunnel Review

When it comes to Big Brother C, we have lots of sensory related & therapy toys as well as equipment around our house. Compression shirts, lap pads, weighted vests, even chewy tubes are items we use on a regular basis, we've purchased several of our items from Fun and Function & when I was recently approached with an opportunity to review one of their items, I couldn't resist!

(Photo adapted from Fun & Function)

At Fun and Function you will find a little bit of everything for your child, they offer a line of fun items like ball pits, swings, cushions & more, all engaging products that will allow for skill building & self-esteem boost. Their products are high quality, affordable & most of my son's therapists as well as other parents I know, love & use Fun and Function's therapy tools.

I was sent the Crawl and Calm Resistance Tunnel by Fun and Function, this heavy workout tunnel provides resistance as well as spacial exploration for your child. It encourages heavy work and joint proprioception, features handles at both ends & it's light weight and portable, folds up in seconds so it can travel easily with you! 

My son could live in this tunnel if I let him, he wants to go through it over and over, he absolutely loves it! Living with sensory issues, he loves the stretchy crawling tunnel & it's resistant fabric. If I want to give him a really good work out, I have him push a ball or his weighted lap pad through the tunnel! We are so excited to have this Fun and Function tunnel in our home, even my daughter enjoys crawling through it & playing chase with her brother!

Shop online at Fun and Function or stay connected with them on their social media sites, they are on Facebook, Twitter, even Pinterest!

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Julie Wood said...

This Crawl and Calm Tunnel looks like a lot of fun for your son and daughter to play in. I think that my nephew and niece would have tons of fun with crawling through this. What a great product.

Ruth V. said...

This is really cool! It looks really great for all kids, but especially those with sensory issues! Thanks for sharing!!

Thrifty Nifty Mommy said...

Wow, he looks so happy! What a great item! I will recommend this to my other friends with children who have sensory issues.

Megan Sutliff said...

Oh this is neat! And I love that it folds up easily and is great for traveling!

Jordan B said...

I've worked with many special needs children and children who have sensory issues. These resources would be perfect to use with them.

Janet W. said...

What a great product! I love how much joy I can see on his face from this product!

Piper Leigh said...

What kid wouldn't like this? Didn't know they made it! Thanks for the review!! :)

Gale McCarron said...

Great idea for kids who suffer from sensory issues. Would love to see more of these products available.