The Story Of Three: Let's Go Lego

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Let's Go Lego

With Christmas a little over a month away, now is the time to start thinking about what to buy for your kids, your friends’ kids, even your friends if they’re big kids! One brand that has solidly stood the test of time is Lego, and with such a Fantastic range of Lego games and themes in the stores you might feel a little over whelmed by all those possible combinations of bricks. So, to help you, here are five of the best Lego themes for you to consider.

Lego City lets kids create whole Lego Cities. Town squares, garages, trucks and helicopters - in fact everything a fertile imagination demands that would even kick New York City to the kerb! Fancy building a city with a satellite launch pad at the centre and a space shuttle as public transport? No problem!

Lego Friends is aimed at girls who love to build and play. From Dolphin Cruisers, Camper vans, Olivia’s Tree House and Emma’s Sports Car, Lego Friends is a great way of introducing girls to the world of Lego. You can even buy Lego Friends wristwatches. Who knows, this theme might even encourage brothers and sisters to build, play and share alongside each other - it’s worth a try!

Lego Star Wars continues to be as popular today as when it was first released. And with the new set of Star Wars films scheduled to hit the big screen, this popularity is only going to continue.  With all of the Star Wars characters immortalised in Lego - not to mention the new figures being released soon - stocking up on this theme this Christmas will ensure your kids are ahead of the game.

Star Wars isn’t the only film franchise that Lego has recreated in plastic, they’ve also joined forces with Disney Pixar to produce Lego Cars. So, if you’re children are fans of Agent Mater or Red the fire engine, Lego Cars lets them re-live the movie at home and race to their hearts content.

Finally, Legends of Chima is a new animal themed series that will really get your child creating and having fun.  Chima consists of amazing vehicles and fantastic human-like animal warriors. This other worldly and magical theme makes for many wonderful opportunities for your child to bring each character to life.

Now you know what to tell Santa when he goes shopping!

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Cohen's Mom said...

My 2 1/2 year old recently got his first Lego set, it was the Lego Duplo brand and he LOVES them. So my parents got him a Lego Duplo train set.

I can't wait to keep building his collection--they're such awesome toys.

Courtney B said...

legos are so classic!:) my daughter loves her mega bloks which are sooo the new lego!

Kim Lovering said...

We are having a Lego Duplo Christmas this year too. They are so great and work with the smaller Legos later. We are in the middle of researching a few Lego table options.

I can't wait for him to start getting into more of the sets next year. They are just a little bit too small for him this year.