The Story Of Three: We're In Cahoots With Santa 26 Bars & A Band

Sunday, November 10, 2013

We're In Cahoots With Santa 26 Bars & A Band

26 Bars & a Band makes modern pet accessories so that dog owners don't have to settle for the ordinary. They started out in 2004 & received "Most Innovative Retractable Dog Leash", "Product of the Year" & "Editor's Picks" awards. You will find dog t-shirts, retractable leashes, Paul Frank pet products, the stride & more!

I love the selection that 26 Bars & a Band offers & they so kindly sent me a variety of products for the canine in my life! A Paul Frank Julius Racing Stripes Dog Bed, Avant Garde Retractable Leash, a large Prep Dog Harness, as well as the stride Original & a stride Flat Packs.

The stride is a revolutionary, three in one walking solution for dog owners, featuring a waste bag dispenser, a hand sanitizer as well as a pedometer. This portable, compact & lightweight device, allows you to simply & easily clean up after your pet, keep your hands germ free & make every step count while walking your pet.

Holding seven bio-degradable waste bags folded flat, the stride dispenses them individually. The sanitizer cartridge is removable & allows you to refill with your favorite hand sanitizer. With the multi-axis pedometer, every step, distance & calories will be monitored & stored for up to 7 days. The stride even has a glow in the dark strap that can be attached to any dog leash or belt loop.

The Racing Stripes Bed looks not only comfortable, it's adorable, environmentally friendly & made right here in the U.S.A! I love the pattern of the dog harness, it's light weight & rain resistant, we were visiting my Mom & her puppy Roxie was kind enough to try it on for me!

Available in a variety of styles, the Avant Garde Retractable Leash is easy to use, features a sturdy metal buckle, a 36 month warranty & is available in a small or medium size.

Roxie was so funny, she was so excited, she could barely stay still so I could snap a few pictures. The harness fit her perfectly & my mom loved using the retractable leash with her, we attached the Stride to the leash & out the door we went! 

Isn't she cute? What are some of your favorite products from 26 Bars & A Band?

Buy it: Purchase all your dog accessories online at 26 Bars & A Band!

Win it: One lucky reader will win a stride & a small or medium retractable leash (color & style may vary) from 26 Bars & A Band!

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Sandra said...

My favorite item is the stride, I have never seen anything like that, they also have a pretty good selection of leashes