The Story Of Three: We're In Cahoots with Santa

Saturday, November 30, 2013

We're In Cahoots with Santa

*This post has been written by Janessa of the blog Thrifty Nifty Mommy. Janessa received the item mentioned, at no cost, to facilitate this post. All opinions are her own.*

In our family, there are typically only 2 times a year that we spend money on gifts for our children: Christmas and birthdays. They may get a little treat every now and then and a small basket of goodies at Easter, but we are a family on a budget, so the splurges have to be limited. I'm sure many of you can relate!

After some thought and discussion, my husband and I have decided to spend a chunk of the money we set aside for Christmas to transform our backyard into a fun and inviting play area for our children this spring. A large portion of that money has been set aside to purchase a swing set, (I'm so excited for them) but our backyard play area could not be complete without a deluxe sandbox! When Eartheasy contacted me about featuring an item from their store in our InCahoots Holiday Gift Guide, I immediately fell in love with their Cedar Square Sandbox with seats and couldn't wait to share it with all of you!


Featuring a seat on either side, and made of beautiful untreated cedar, this is a sandbox that will look great for years to come. Once the kids grow older, fill it with garden soil and turn it into a raised garden bed.
  • untreated, and non-toxic
  • maintenance free
  • two seats
  • resists warping from winter frost
  • clean, safe place to play.
  • Made from 1.5" thick cedar, and sanded smooth by hand.
  • assembles in just 15 minutes
Dimensions: 4 feet square and 14.5” tall.

The patented connection system: EZGrowIt

  • Using our patented connection system, you can easily assemble your sandbox/raised garden bed kit in less than 15 minutes.
  • All hardware is made of stainless steel, so it will never rust.
  • Made from smooth, 1.5" thick cedar
  • No tools are needed for assembly.
  • The EZGrowIt hardware connections are already screwed to the wood. Posts have a ‘male’ fitting, and the boards have the ‘female’ fitting. Simply slide the female connection over the male to lock the board in place.
  • Cedar can expand and contract, and yet maintain tight connecting joints. Even after years of exposure, the raised garden bed will not fall apart.

Sustainably-sourced lumber.

  • We buy our Western Red Cedar from Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified partners, so it’s more ecologically friendly.
  • We only use 2x6 and 4x4 western red cedar dimensional lumber. This eliminates bowing, warping and provides years of enjoyment. Actual measurements are 1.5”x5.5” and 3.5”x3.5” respectively.
  • All the 4x4 corner posts are cut ornately for added interest.
  • Western Red Cedar contains no chemical preservatives and will last 10 to 15 years when used as a raised garden. WRC is a wood which is very stable and dense, containing natural organic properties causing the wood to be impervious to insect attack.
  • Lumber is sanded very smooth to prevent splinters.
Doesn't this sandbox look amazing?! My husband appreciates the quick, easy setup, and I love the fact that you can turn it into a raised garden bed once your children outgrow it. It will last us for YEARS! We had another sandbox (plastic) from a well-known toy manufacturer. Actually, it was a sandbox/water table in one. It only lasted through one summer. The problem was that it was not strong enough to support the weight of the sand/water (one of the legs snapped off) and the sand/water was not a good mix for a plastic table. Inevitably the sand would get wet and, sitting inside of plastic, it would take forever and a day to dry. It was also extremely small, so my son could not use any of his large toys/trucks in the sand. I can not WAIT to set-up this sandbox this spring! It is large enough that my kids have plenty of room for playing, even with friends, and it's perfect for the backyard. If you're looking for items to make your backyard a fun and exciting environment for your children, you'll certainly want to check out this sandbox!

Connect: Visit the Eartheasy website to see all of the great products they have available for purchase! They have tons of amazing items and focus on selling products that have an emphasis on sustainable living. You'll find items to make your home a greener place, gardening products, water conservation, non-toxic pest control, and energy efficient goods as well. They also have a great selection of gifts this holiday season!

Buy It: You can purchase the Cedar Square Sandbox with Seats directly from their website. It is priced at $309.95 with free shipping. While I know some of you may look at that price and decide this is not the sandbox for you, keep in mind that the money that was first spent on our old sandbox is now sitting at the local landfill. This is a sandbox built to last for years!

Win It: One lucky reader will win this sandbox/raised garden for their family! If you'd like to win, just enter using the easy Giveaway Tools entry form below. Good luck!  

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Kelly Amos said...

I would love to receive the Deer Proof Cedar Complete Raised Garden Bed Kit - 8' x 12' x 20".

Dorothy Teel said...

How cool I love the composter and I also like this and would want it looks great - AquaFarm, fish and plants neat idea.

Mindy Cole said...

I really like the AquaFarm