The Story Of Three: New Year, New You with Svelte

Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year, New You with Svelte

Can you believe 2013 is coming to an end? While it had it's ups & downs for me & my family, I am excited & looking forward to new & exciting changes coming in 2014. One of those changes is getting & staying healthier, but not just me, my children as well. More exercise as a family & cutting out the junk that goes into our bodies, my first step is finding that perfect protein shake & Svelte has just what I'm looking for!

CalNaturale Svelte makes the most delicious & nutritious organic protein shakes in America, available in flavors like Chocolate, French Vanilla & Cappuccino. With 11g of protein & a unique blend of complex carbs, these convenient 11oz bottles contain an excellent source of fiber.

So if you've got a New Years resolution to create a New You, let Svelte help! Fuel your morning work outs & fight off those afternoon sugar cravings with an organic protein shake. I love the confidence-boosting affirmations on the front of the eco-friendly packaging, it gives me a little extra boost to keep me on track!

Did you know? January is National Fiber Month, CalNaturale Svelte is the perfect snack to help keep you full longer & is each shake contains 5g of Fiber.

What flavor would you like to try? Chocolate is by far my favorite, these are perfect to grab when I'm heading out the door in the morning!

You can purchase Svelte at your local health food stores, I was even able to find them online at Amazon or you can purchase them direct from Svelte. Feel free to stay connected with Svelte on Facebook & Twitter!

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Meagan Bailiff said...

I'm curious if the cappicino flavor is any good, i've never seen these before they look interesting.