The Story Of Three: Dickey's Barbecue Pit's NEW Buttery Cornbread Sandwiches

Friday, January 24, 2014

Dickey's Barbecue Pit's NEW Buttery Cornbread Sandwiches

Dickey's Barbecue Pit is back at IHeart-Motherhood with another tasty review, new Buttery Cornbread Sandwiches have arrived & I couldn't wait to try them out at my local Dickey's!

I headed to my local Dickey's with my younger brother & my daughter, we each ordered one of the new Buttery Cornbread Sandwhiches & my daughter chose a kids chicken nugget plate. 

Both new sandwiches are served on Dickey's new Buttery Cornbread Buns along with cheese, pickles & onions, the Sweet Pork Cornbread Sandwhich is piled high with tender pulled pork & Dickey's Sweet Barbecue Sauce while the Spicy Chicken Sandwhich gives you a kick with a juicy marinated chicken breast smothered in a fiery blend of Dickey's Original Barbecue Sauce & Texas Pete Hot Sauce.

We loved the sandwiches, they were delicious, did I mention the fries are amazing!?

We can't wait to visit our local Dickey's again, I love all of the menu options they have to offer & it's such a family-friendly place!

So do you have a Dickey's near you? Don't forget kids eat free Sunday's & they offer free ice cream everyday-yum!

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joanna garcia said...

OMG wish one of these were close to where i live! looks delish!

Melissa said...

That looks good! Wish there was a Dickeys near me.

jopb said...

I wish that there was a Dickeys near me. I would love to go there and have any of these delicious foods you have reveiwed.

Puddles and Poop said...

I have never heard of Dickey's but I am a huge fan of barbeque. I would love to go there! Everything looks so good!

Erin K. (

VickeC said...

that looks so darn good