The Story Of Three: GE reveal Bulbs Makeover

Thursday, January 30, 2014

GE reveal Bulbs Makeover

Did you see my recent post & giveaway on the GE reveal bulbs, in case you missed it you can view it here! GE reveal bulbs are all the buzz right know, they offer innovative beautiful clean light & I was so excited when my package of GE reveal 75W halogen replacement bulbs & a GE reveal LED bulb showed at my front door, the timing couldn't of been better! I couldn't wait to give my home a makeover with the energy saving reveal bulbs! Who knew saving money & energy could be so easy!?

So I took my GE reveal bulbs & headed to the first room that I knew needed new lighting asap, the kids bathroom. Just the other day two bulbs burnt out, two in one day, yikes!

The GE reveal bulbs screwed right in without a problem, I instantly noticed a difference in my children's bathroom when I flipped the switch for the first time, I mean can you say amazing!?

The next room I had in mind to make over was the kitchen, this is where my family spends most of their time together, so it's important that we have great lighting when we cook & eat together. 

What do you think? So what room would you makeover with GE reveal bulbs? GE offers a variety of reveal bulbs, you can view the full product list online here & feel free to stay connected with GE Lighting on Facebook & Twitter!

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(I was provided the product free of charge from GE Lighting, I received no other compensation)


Jill Schrader said...

The light from the new GE Reveal bulbs really does look cleaner and brighter. Less yellow-y. I like that!

Megan Sutliff said...

We just got a couple packs of these light bulbs and I'm so excited to try them. I can't wait to get rid of "yellow" light! Sometimes at night I get headaches because of bad lighting. Thanks for the review!