The Story Of Three: Backwoods Kustoms Review

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Backwoods Kustoms Review

I love reviewing items & setting up giveaways for all of my lovely readers, I've worked with many, many, many amazing companies but today I'm going to share one with you that is a little near & dear to my heart. 

My baby brother is a Marine, he graduated in October & is currently in schooling in Florida, I miss him so much but I am so proud of him! I recently was browsing online for sister shirts &  I was so excited when I came across Backwoods Kustoms on Etsy, I love the variety of shirts they have to offer & I knew I had to get my hands on a Marine Sister shirt!

Backwoods Kustoms offers custom t-shirts that let you show your support for your loved one! From "Proud Mom of a Marine" to family day shirts featuring your Recruits platoon & company, they even have "Proud Mom of a Firefighter" shirts, let Backwoods Kustoms create the perfect shirt for you! 

My favorite shirt at Backwoods Kustoms is the Marine Sister/Mom two color t-shirt, not only is it my favorite color but it stands out! Thanks to Backwoods Kustoms & their generousity, they sent a shirt for myself as well as one for my Mother, I surprised my Mom with her new shirt & she absolutely loved it!

Our shirts are comfortable & fit true to size, they carry sizes starting at Small up to 5XL, I love the saying on the back, it's so hard not to tear up every time I read it!

I can't wait for my Mother & I to wear our shirts out & about, we are so proud of my Brother! 

So what do you think? What is your favorite shirt at Backwoods Kustoms? Feel free to stay connected with Backwoods Kustoms on Facebook & Pinterest

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Amanda Coburn said...

Love your shirts, too cute and what a great way to pay tribute to your brother's service

Megan Sutliff said...

Really neat shirts!! I love how vibrant they are, especially the letterings!

Savy MommyMoments said...

These are really cute and I know several members of my family would love them! Thanks for sharing with me!

Dorothy Teel said...

Thank you to your brother and family for their serving the country. My oldest son finally retired from the Navy and I know how it feels to wait and worry. I think these tee shirts are perfect and that was nice of them to send one to your mother, wear it proudly and enjoy. Thank you to Backwoods Kustoms for your support of this family...

DG Middendorf said...

These items are wonderful and God Bless those who serve our country.