The Story Of Three: Fergus Ferry App

Friday, March 7, 2014

Fergus Ferry App

Do you love free apps? Do your children enjoy reading? 
If you answered yes (of course you did), I have a great app for you to download to your iPad, iPhone or Android phone.  

Your children will love hanging out in the harbour with Fergus Ferry & all of his friends, your child can read stories, play games & explore Fergus' world. The Fergus Ferry App by Snowball Press is free until the end of March, you can find & download this app in iTunes

This free app is the Lite version & includes 4 Fergus Ferry stories with original illustrations, & the stories are available in two modes, your child can Read-Along or Read-Myself. 

We love Fergus Ferry in our house, Little Sister C reads the books we own on a daily basis, I have no doubt your little one will enjoy Fergus Ferry too!

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