The Story Of Three: Sweetie Pie Organics Review

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sweetie Pie Organics Review

My children love to snack, it seems like every time we go run an errand or head to the park, they are asking for a quick snack either to take with us or to eat before we leave. I don't mind them snacking at all, but it's always great when they reach for a healthy snack & thanks to Sweetie Pie Organics, I have plenty to go around!

Sweetie Pie Organics has created healthy snacks for toddlers on the go! They use the finest quality organic produce grown here on Organic US farms! The fruits & veggies are freeze dried to preserve natural taste, packaged & then are ready for your little one to enjoy! 

You won't find any preservatives, artificial flavors, sugar or GMO's in Sweetie Pie Organics snacks, they are Gluten-Free & certified USDA Organic! I was sent the Just Real Fruits & Veggies Snack in three flavors for Little Sister C to try out!

Each snack box contains 5 individual bags inside, flavors included are:

Mango/Sweet Corn/Apple
Banana/Sweet Corn/Blueberry
Apple/Green Pea/Pineapple

I love the convenience of the snack bags, they are the perfect size to toss in my purse for a quick on the go snack for Little Sister C without the mess. The fruit & veggie pieces themselves are just right for my daughter's little fingers, she really enjoyed all of the flavors but she said her favorite was the Apple/Green Pea/Pineapple snack!

Sweetie Pie Organic snacks are great for her to enjoy at home, while we are waiting in line to pick up Big Brother C from school or just hanging out at the local park!

What flavor do you think your little one would be most excited to try? Feel free to stay connected with Sweetie Pie Organics on Facebook & Twitter!

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Amanda Coburn said...

I love finding organic & unique snacks for my kiddos. These are great!

Megan Sutliff said...

We love organic and non GMO food products for our family! Thanks for sharing!

Savy MommyMoments said...

Organic and non-GMO snacks that my kids can take on the go rock! We love them for going to the park, zoo and even grandma's house!

jopb said...

Organic and nonGMO snacks are great for everyone in the family. I am glad that you reviewed Sweeties Pie.

Sandra VanHoey said...

These are different and healthy. I could see the kids loving the Banana/Sweet Corn/Blueberry