The Story Of Three: Bugsy's Box Review

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Bugsy's Box Review

When it comes to subscription box services, I absolutely love them! Not only is it exciting to receive a package at the door but its convenient & when it's affordable, well then it deserves two thumbs up in my book! I was recently introduced to Bugsy's Box & I couldn't wait to find out more about this subscription service especially for dogs!

At Bugsy's Box it's super easy to get started, first choose the size of your dog, they offer three options-small, medium or large, then choose which plan is best for you & your canine. You can sign up for 1 month, 3 months & even 6 months of Bugsy's Box!

Bugsy's Box ships out on the 15th of each month, within a few days, my March box arrived, nice & neatly packaged. Each box includes 5 to 7 items which are hand picked & well reviewed, such as dog treats, toys, care items, accessories & more! 

My March Bugsy's Box included Lucky Dog Treats that are full of cheesy cheddar & smokehouse bacon, Fruitables Grilled Bison Treats, a H2O Neon Hook Toy, Lucky Dog 7" Bully Spring & PetHead Oatmeal Paw Butter!

One of my Mother's dogs, actually the smallest pup in her household will be coming to live with me permanently soon, for now "Layla" travels back & forth for occasional sleepovers. She is a little lap dog but is a bundle of energy & I knew she would love what arrived in her first ever Bugsy's Box!

Layla sniffed out the Fruitables Grilled Bison Treats first, these are the perfect size for her & are soft & easy for her to chew, she was trying so hard to eat them out of my hand while I was taking a picture! I can't wait to try the PetHead Oatmeal Paw Butter on her little paws, I've never used anything like that before! 

Overall, we both love this month's Bugsy's Box & I'm excited to spend more time playing with Layla with her new toys & treats! 

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Bugsy's Box today & spoil your pooch, plus you can save $10 with code iheart10! Feel free to stay connected with Bugsy's Box on Facebook & Twitter!

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Diana, Down Home Traveler said...

Cute idea! Makes me want wish I had a dog a little more!

Ronda Chesser Porter said...

LOVE THIS! Thanks for sharing!

Ronda Chesser Porter said...

Love this - thanks for sharing!!

Sandra VanHoey said...

My daughter has a very spoiled pomeranian and I know she gets subscription boxes for makeup so this may be something she'd like for her dod

Mindy Cole said...

This is a great idea and affordable and really like that it gets dropped off at your door

Lisa Konieczke said...

This is a great idea! I love it. I have 2 very large dogs, Great Pyrenees. I like that there is something different. I am all for a great deal that gets delivered to me.

MaryWithrow said...

Our dogs have the same names! I gave mine a middle name, she is Layla Lee, lol - Great idea, I can not always find good treats at the stores I shop for my dogs

DG Middendorf said...

This looks like a nice little idea. I love getting things in the mail. and I love my doggies.

Birdie Bee said...

That is an awesome box. I have never heard of Bugsy's Box before and just love the fact that bloggers share so many new things out there. Thank you for your review. My Kyla sure would love to get a surprise box in the mail each month.

Lauryn Rescoe said...

Very cute and fun offer! I love box deals as well, as it is definitely fun to get a surprise box of goodies every month! But I have never seen one for dogs! Very awesome idea! :)