The Story Of Three: Happy Healthy Smart Prenatal Supplements Giveaway

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Happy Healthy Smart Prenatal Supplements Giveaway

Caring properly for yourself & your baby before & after pregnancy is very important, I was recently introduced to Happy Healthy Smart & while I'm not expecting, I love what this product has to offer & just had to share it with all the other momma's out there!

Happy Healthy Smart offers the most comprehensive, natural and gentle prenatal supplements on the market, they want the best for you & baby. 

The Prenatal DHA contain 300mg of DHA in a single dosage, these once daily soft-gels ensure you & your baby receive optimal DHA nourishment. They help to boost emotional health while strengthening the immune system with a premium quality formula. 

Prenatal Multi-Vitamins combine key nutrients in just the right amounts, they offer a unique blend of vitamins & minerals, including:

- Folic acid to help prevent birth defects. 
- Calcium & vitamin D to promote tough bone structure. 
- Iodine to help bolster brain development. 
- B6 & B12 to help combat nausea & morning sickness.

Happy Healthy Smart vitamins are also iron free, providing superior health without the nausea & constipation of other brands.

What do you think? Could you use Happy Healthy Smart Prenatal Supplements?

Buy it: You can purchase both supplements online at Amazon & they are both currently on sale!

Win it: One lucky reader will win a bottle of Prenatal DHA Supplement & Prenatal Multi Vitamin Supplement from Happy Healthy Smart!

Use the giveaway tools form below to enter, good luck!

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Meagan Bailiff said...

i hope to be soon, i have one child and hope for at least one more.

Alex H. said...

currently pregnant with #2!

Savy MommyMoments said...

Possibly one more. We have 3 already.

Megan Sutliff said...

I'm not, nor do I want anymore kids (for now at least), BUT my sister-in-law is pregnant with her second and could use these!