The Story Of Three: Sprucing Up My Flower Bed with BrylaneHome

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sprucing Up My Flower Bed with BrylaneHome

Owning a home requires a lot of work, you've probably heard me say this before, the to-do list really never does end. I have a very lovely front yard & a great size flower bed but it has needed some attention for a while. Thanks to the help of my brother, we pulled out the rose bushes & we've decided it needed some lighting & flowers! 

BrylaneHome came to my rescue once again with a set of 8 Solar Accent Lighting & I couldn't wait to give my "long" flowerbed a new & brighter look! I keep my front porch on at night, or used too but with the new lights, not only do they spruce up my flower bed, I am saving electricity, it's a win-win! 

This energy saver outdoor lighting set operates with 1 "AA" rechargeable battery which is included, each light measures 18"H x 4½" , so they are perfect for your lawn, garden, patio or walkway. No wiring necessary, the solar panels absorb the sun's energy by day & they shine at night, it doesn't get any easier than that! 

I must show you the "sad" before picture:

Right out of the box the Solar Accent Lighting is amazing, three pieces snap together, you switch the lights to "on" & that's it! I simply pushed them down into the ground & they spend all day charging & then at night, they light up! 

It was such a great sight to see, my entire walkway was glowing! Don't they look amazing? The best part, they don't use any electricity & I had them installed in less then 10 minutes all by myself! 

We haven't planted flowers yet but weed killer has been sprayed, so we hope to do that soon. I love the new look so far though, & you can get this set of 8 solar lights online at BrylaneHome for only $29.99 on sale! 

What are some other ways to spruce up your flower bed or garden in your front yard? Be sure to check out BrylaneHome's great selection & stay connected with them on Facebook & Twitter!

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Sandra VanHoey said...

What a differeence these made. My nephew has been working on ours which when we purchsed home the front was a mess, overgrown nasty shrubs etc so we had to dig them out and starting all over again. This would be a great addition to add charm and save us from the porch light being left on too

Megan Sutliff said...

Wow it really adds to your flower bed! I would love to have these right in front of our patio, thanks for sharing!

Pary Moppins said...

Solar lighting along a garden path or flower bed is awesome!

Mindy Cole said...

I just bought some of these and the do change the look of the walk way

Skye said...

I have always wanted a set like this, they look great in your yard.

Randomosity of Southern Fried Domestication said...

I never wanted to garden and then we moved to Texas and the wildflowers over took me! Now I can not WAIT to get out and get dirty!