The Story Of Three: Book Your Next Hotel With TravelPony and Save!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Book Your Next Hotel With TravelPony and Save!

When it comes to traveling with your family it can be expensive, it's nice to always have a plan of where your going to stay, what your going to do & how much money you will need to save to have a successful trip or vacation. Well I'm all about saving money & thanks to TravelPony, I just booked an overnight stay at a nice hotel for me & my children & saved a ton of money!

Have you heard of TravelPony? You haven't? Oh boy your missing out! is a hotel booking website that offers everyday prices that are lower than the big travel sites, you could be saving up to 60%. With, you can create an account for free & login with your Facebook to receive some of the best deals around on hotels, it's so easy to get started!

I received a credit from TravelPony to browse through their hotels & book a hotel of my choice using their site. Their site is so easy to navigate, just enter your destination (city, zip code or address), the dates you will be needing reservations for & lastly how many adults & children will be staying in your room.

I did a search for San Diego because I'd love to visit again soon (we just went last year) & an entire list of hotels popped up, they are each rated & TravelPony let's you know how much you can be saving! Once my hotel was booked within just a few clicks, I received an email confirmation & I couldn't believe just how quick & easy it was too book my next family vacation! I'm so pleased with the low prices TravelPony offers & I can't wait to go on our trip!

Want to save even more money with When you share your personal link through Facebook, Twitter or email to your friends, you can earn $25 travel credit when your friend stays at a hotel & your friend gets a $35 promo code when he/she creates an account. How cool is that!?

So where will you book your next vacation too? Feel free to stay connected with TravelPony on Facebook & Twitter & don't forget to share these awesome deals with your friends!

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Kelli @ A Deeper Joy said...

This is great info! I've never heard of TravelPony but I'm saving this for my next trip. Thank you!

Lora said...

Sounds awesome! Have never heard of the site before.

Bailey K. | Let Birds Fly said...

Love this! Thanks for sharing! :)

Megan Sutliff said...

I have booked with TravelPony before and it was definitely the best deal around! Definitely booking my hotel stays through them anytime we need one! I do hope they continue to add more hotels in more cities/towns! :)

Were Parents said...

Whoa!!! this is awesome! thx for the info

caedmen said...

I like that both you and a friend get money off when it's shared, that's a great incentive.