The Story Of Three: Dream Team Pet Review and Giveaway

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Dream Team Pet Review and Giveaway

When it comes to raising children, each one is different, their eating habits are different, their styles are different, even their sleeping habits are different. My Big Guy has always been a great sleeper, he sleeps through the night & I've never had any issues, Little Sister C on the other hand has a unique bedtime routine.

Each child has a bedtime routine in our home, they take baths, brush their teeth, put on their pajamas & then we have story time, then it's off to bed. As much as my daughter loves her new bunk beds, she would rather sleep with me in my bed, she has no problem falling asleep in her bed but every night at some point, I hear her coming down the hall & eventually she crawls into bed with me. 

I couldn't wait to introduce Little Sister C to her very own Dream Team Pet, "Magical Cat". I chose Magical Cat for my daughter because she loves cats & kittens, she's an animal lover all around but kitties are her absolute favorite! 

Magical Cat arrived with her very own Dream Team Pets book as well as a Certificate of Training & gold stars to reward Magical Cat for her hard work. Training your new Dream Team Pet is easy, at bedtime read the Dream Team Pets book with your little one & recite the poem aloud. When your child has slept soundly through the night, reward the Dream Team Pet together for a good night of hard work. Once the Certificate of Training is filled with stars, your child's Dream Team Pet is ready to stay with your child as long as they need. 

If your child should wake during the night, Dream Team Pets will reassure your child that their Pet is standing guard while they sleep, allowing your child to give them a quick snuggle & comfortably fall back asleep. 

My daughter fell in love with Magical Cat at first sight, she couldn't wait to start the training & really enjoyed the interaction with her new Dream Team Pet. The first night Magical Cat stayed in my daughter's bed, she did get up & crawl into mine but we had a nice chat, did some more "training" & ever since then Little Sister C stays in her bed the entire night-woohoo!

Adorable right?

Buy it: Purchase your own Dream Team Pet online, which one is your favorite?

Win it: One lucky reader will win a Dream Team Pet!

Use the giveaway tools form below to enter, good luck!

(Giveaway ends on 6/24 at 11:59pm. At that time one winner will be drawn & contacted via email. Have questions about this giveaway? Email
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Melissa Stone said...

The mighty Lion!!!

Diane Cooper said...

My granddaughter would absolutely adore the Magical Cat.

Julie said...

my daughter would lvoe the magical cat so cute

hebb dot julie at gmail dot com

Courtney B said...

we think the lion is very cute!

Jan Lee said...

I think my great nephew would like the dog, as he wants to play with any dogs he sees, lol :)

Rebecca Parsons said...

I would choose the mighty lion for my grandson.

Shelley P said...

My little girl would love the Mighty Lion.

Dorothy Teel said...

My granddaughter would love to have The wily and wonderful Magical Cat pink is so pretty would be welcome here at our home with our other cats...

Carmen N said...

Not sure if she'd like the Puppy (as she likes to play one) or the lion

LesleyfromWI said...

She would like Magical Cat