The Story Of Three: Just Pretend Kids Review

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Just Pretend Kids Review

As a little girl I remember walking around the house in my mom's clothes, my dad's work shirts & hats & I always enjoyed playing dress up. All little girls should be able to experience how much fun it is to dress up, be silly & create memories while doing it! I encourage play in my house anyway I can & recently Just Pretend Kids contacted me & I knew my daughter would love to play dress up in an adorable Just Pretend Kids costume!

Just Pretend Kids offers beautiful tutus, fun dress up costumes, accessories & more for infants up to size 8! From twirling around the house to playing dress up while hosting a tea party, your little one will love Just Pretend Kids clothing!

I found several costumes that Little Sister C would just go crazy over at Just Pretend Kids, she loves dresses & anything sparkly so I chose the Ocean Mermaid costume for her in a size 4!

The dazzling Ocean Mermaid costume will have your little one wanting to dive into magical waters filled with friendly fish while wearing a beautiful turquoise dress covered in sequin "scales", she will be sure to feel like a real magical mermaid!

 Isn't she adorable?

My daughter loves the flow of the Ocean Mermaid dress & of course the first thing she noticed after putting it on was the shiny sequins, the colors look great on her & she didn't waste anytime gathering her stuffed animals & pretending to be swimming down at the beach! For someone who loves the water, we couldn't be happier with her new Just Pretend Kids costume, I hope it continues to bring fun & memories to our lives! 

What costumes or tutu's would your little one love from Just Pretend Kids? Feel free to stay connected with Just Pretend Kids on Facebook & Twitter!

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