The Story Of Three: Summer Fun

Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Fun

Our summer has started off pretty great, we've been to the park, gone for long walks, soaked up some sun at the local water park & even cooled off in our very own backyard! My children are out of school & the heat is on full force in Texas, so that means getting as much water play time in as we can, my kids love being outdoors & what better way to stay cool then by getting wet!?

I was sent a variety of items for my children to enjoy in our backyard this summer, which included the Ultimate Beach Ball Sprinkler by Little Tikes & a Wham-O Slip 'N Slide Wave Rider!

Both products were super easy to set up, the kids put on their swimsuits & in a matter of minutes I turned our backyard into a wet & fun play yard! 

The Ultimate Beach Ball Sprinkler requires a little bit of inflation, then just hook up the water hose, turn on & your done! It sprays water from several different directions, this giant ball is durable but soft & can be rolled around after water play is done!

The Slip 'N Slide is a classic favorite, I can't tell you how many of these we had when I was younger! Simply roll out the slide, hook up the water house & turn it on! Water sprays from the sides of the slide & then again at the very end, your children are sure to get a good soaking while slipping & sliding! 

My children spent hours in the backyard enjoying their new water toys, on a hot summer afternoon, this is right where we want to be! Not to mention, being outdoors is always good for the soul, I loved watching my children burn lots of energy, laugh & just enjoy playing together in the water!

Of course, no water fun-filled day would be complete with out ice cream! Just when my children thought the outdoor fun was over, I whipped out a few of our new Watermelon Bomb Pop's, they were so excited & couldn't wait to get a taste of these yummy looking popsicles!

I grew up loving the "Original" Bomb Pop flavors & I'm so happy to try the new Watermelon ones with my children! For over 50 years, kids & adults alike have enjoyed Bomb Pop's waves of fruit flavor, with 12 varieties available, these sweet summer treats are perfect for family cookouts or just to stay cool on hot days! 

After a few licks my children were hooked on this new, yummy popsicle flavor, my daughter said "mmm, it taste's so fruity!" I was so glad I had these in our freezer, they make for an easy & quick treat after an afternoon of fun in the sun!

Have you tried any Bomb Pop's lately? Be sure to pick up a box of your favorite flavor at your local store just in time for National Bomb Pop Day on Thursday, June 26th! 

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C Williams said...

They are adorable!! And oh yes-the slip and slide. Definitely a classic!

Megan Sutliff said...

Yum! I love watermelon flavor and know my family and I would love these! Thanks for sharing!

Deborah Charte said...

Those watermelon Bomb Pops looks so good!

Jennifer Robbins said...

I have never tried a Bomb Pop, but they look yummy! & that Beach Ball Sprinkler looks like Amazing fun! We definitely need to get one of those! : )

Melissa Droegemueller said...

So fun! The beach ball looks awesome.

Ellen said...

Fabulous summer fun!

Kara Griggs said...

I bet my daughter would love both of these.

Savy MommyMoments said...

OMG! They are too stinkin' cute and those water toys and pops looked like so much fun! I know my kids would love them!

Amanda Coburn said...

We love watermelon!! the beach ball sprinkler looks so fun!