The Story Of Three: Nutrisystem Week 3 #NSNation

Monday, July 21, 2014

Nutrisystem Week 3 #NSNation

Prior to Nutrisystem I was not a breakfast person, I would actually skip & not eat until after 11, but I'm loving Nutrisystem's breakfast options! Oatmeal or a granola breakfast bar, paired with a chocolate protein shake is the perfect way to start a busy day! 

I feel like I had a really great week, I've walked two weeks in a row, every single night except this past Friday night. I'm hoping to take new measurements this week but I can already tell that I've lost some inches in my thighs & my Mom told me yesterday she said she can tell just by looking at me that I've lost weight & I'm on the right track! I loved hearing those encouraging words but the scale this week reads differently & that's just part of the process, hoping for a better number next week! 

Starting weight on June 30th was 164.8

Weight as of July 6th (week 1) was 160.1

Weight as of July 13th (week 2) was 156.4

Weight as of July 20th (week 3) is 159

Sadly I didn't lose any weight this week, I gained 2.6 pounds

I appreciate all of your comments, love & support while I'm on my three month Nutrisystem weight loss journey! In-case you missed the initial announcement, you can view it here!

(I am officially an #NSNation blogger, I received a 3 month's supply of Nutrisystem for free. All opinions are my own & no other compensation was received)

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Megan Sutliff said...

You're bound to have a week here and there that you may gain a little. It's most likely water weight, you can't gain that much in fat pounds in one week. So do not be discouraged! It's exciting that you are noticing and the people around you are noting the inches shed off! Can't wait to continue to hear about your journey! :)
You got this girl!