The Story Of Three: A letter to Little Sister C

Sunday, August 31, 2014

A letter to Little Sister C

Dear Little Sister C,
                  As a younger sibling to your special needs brother, I want you to know you are just as loved & beautiful as he is. I want you to know that I'm amazed by the love you pour out to your brother, the care that you show him daily & the constant attention you give him. I have no idea what it's like living with a sibling with special needs but I know what it's like to raise a child with Autism.

Watching you daily, you have taught me so much from the moment you arrived in my arms, you have an open, graceful & giving heart, just like me. The way you hold you brother's hand, give him high fives & good night kisses on the cheek, it melts my heart. 

I appreciate all of the therapy sessions you have sat through, quietly watching or waiting your turn to ask the therapist if you can participate in a certain activity. I'm thankful for your patience with your brother, I assist him in most tasks & you are starting to follow. 

As a toddler you act so much more older than your age, I enjoy my seperate time with you & our "just us girls" lunches or shopping trips & I hope to have more over the years. 

I want you to enjoy being a child, have play dates with your friends, you even attended your first Fresh Beat concert last fall. I may do extra activities with you & your brother that are different & it's because your "needs" & "wants" are a little different too. 

I think my favorite moment of every day is when we all climb into bed & do story time, your brother has his favorite stories & you have yours. 

There have been days where your brother has cried or been upset & you've sung to him at the top of your lungs because he loves music & you were trying to soothe him. 

I am grateful for your presence in our lives, your just a few years apart but one day I won't be here to take care of him & I have a feeling you will have no problem stepping in. 

You may just be a toddler right know, but you are an amazing, beautiful young lady & I hope that you enjoy your child hood & that you have the most blessed life there is to offer. 



Jacob Jadlowski said...

Beautiful Jessica. I've always admired what a wonderful mom you are!!- Aunt Mindi

The Reeds said...

How sweet! I'm sure she will treasure this some day.