The Story Of Three: Lalaloopsy Girls #TeamLalaloopsy

Friday, August 29, 2014

Lalaloopsy Girls #TeamLalaloopsy

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My daughter is a huge Lalaloopsy fan, she currently owns a few full size Lalaloopsy dolls & plays with them almost daily. I knew she would be ecstatic to see the newest line of Lalaloopsy Girls dolls along with an extra sweet surprise, after all who can resist the magical cuteness in Lalaloopsy dolls!?

I was sent the following Lalaloopsy products for Little Sister C:
  • Crumbs Sugar Cookie 
  • Jewel Sparkles 
  • Spot Splatter Splash doll
  • Baking Oven

Lalaloopsy Girls are the newest line of dolls from the Lalaloopsy brand! These pretty little Girls are perfect for young girls, they are your favorite Lalaloopsy characters, all grown up! The Girls attend Lala Prep (Lalaloopsy Academy for Learning Arts) & will always be stitched together...friends forever! 

My daughter couldn't get the dolls opened fast enough, she loves the curly haired dolls, so she reached for Crumbs Sugar Cookie first, she thought her name was so cute too! I know she will enjoy playing, creating memories & sharing these adorable Girls dolls with her friends & family on our upcoming play dates!

The Lalaloopsy Baking Oven will bake tons of sweets in just minutes, including cookies, mini-cakes & more! In the box we found, Lalaloopsy themed baking pans, baking mixes- 1 cake & 1 cookie mix, sprinkles, a pan pusher, as well as a recipe booklet. 

When your not baking with your little Lalaloopsy fan, it's the perfect size to use with the new Lalaloopsy Girl dolls! Isn't it sew yummy?!

Ready to see the Baking Oven in action? Check out the cute & yummy video below!

You can sign up for Lalaloopsy Insidersa fun social community where you get special access to the world of Lalaloopsy & you can share your love of these magical dolls.

So what do you think? Do you have a Lalaloopsy fan in your house that would love the Baking Oven or the new Lalaloopsy Girls dolls?

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Stephanie Pass said...

My littest one loves LalaLoopsy. That looks like so much fun!

Megan Sutliff said...

OH my goodness, my daughter would love this! Great Christmas gift idea ;)