The Story Of Three: WoodSnap Review

Thursday, August 21, 2014

WoodSnap Review

It's no secret I love photography, I enjoy taking pictures of my children, family members, the great outdoor's & more! You will also find a lot of photo's displayed in my home, from framed family pictures to prints, canvases & more, I have a large & beautiful family & I love filling my home with photo's! 

I was recently introduced to a company called WoodSnap, they print your favorite memories directly onto wood, I was very interested & couldn't wait to find out more! 

At WoodSnap they print all of their products in-house, they are the leader in custom made to order wood canvases & have over 15 years of experience in professional printing. 

WoodSnap's wood printing is such a unique craft, your photo's are printed on the highest grade birch wood, which is a natural, organic product. The printed image fuses with the natural grain of the wood & delivers a marvelous wood print that is 100% unique & original, no two wood grain patterns are alike! They have an extensive treatment process that enhances the durability of the wood prints, allowing them to be moisture & heat resistant. 

It takes 3 easy steps to create your very own WoodSnap, simply pick your size, with sizes starting at 8x8 up to 30x40, next upload your photo & then check out! You can even touch up your photo with options like teeth whitening, remove the date as well as have your print gift wrapped! 

We recently visited my grandmother & I was able to get a few shots of some family time, so I chose my two favorites to create custom WoodSnap prints with!

I could not be more pleased with my new WoodSnap prints, the picture quality is beautiful & my package included stands & screws so that I could display my prints however I pleased!

Well, I was so excited about my new prints, I couldn't wait to show them off to everyone! I took them with me to my Mom's house & after showing them to my little brother, he ended up taking the one of him & my daughter home to hang at his house! 

So what do you think about wood printing?

Visit WoodSnap online & get started on your next wood print with 3 easy steps! Feel free to stay connected with them on Facebook as well as Twitter!

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Ronda Chesser Porter said...

Okay, now I'm thinking Christmas gifts.......

These are great! I've never seen them before - thanks for sharing!

Kathryn Curling said...

Love this! And I too am thinking about Christmas gifts now.

ChrissyBernal said...

Oh how cool is this!! Now I'm going to have to try this. I'm thinking Christmas gifts, too!