The Story Of Three: Nutrisystem #NSNation Week 10

Monday, September 8, 2014

Nutrisystem #NSNation Week 10

So I'm still having a hard time adjusting to our new school/work schedule, I am running around all day, painting around the house & still walking at night. Two nights this week I didn't walk, one night the kids had Church & one night it rained (yay!). I've tried some new & yummy Nutrisystem meals this week, did you see this Instagram post?! It's been a tired & long week, at the end of a long day, I love opening my freezer in search of something sweet & grabbing a Nutrisystem Fudge Bar!

So have you been keeping up with my week to week results?

Here's my weight loss break-down:

Starting weight on June 30th was 164.8

Weight as of July 6th (week 1) was 160.1

Weight as of July 13th (week 2) was 156.4

Weight as of July 20th (week 3) is 159

Weight as of July 27th (week 4) is  158.6

Weight as of August 3rd (week 5) is 158.2

Weight as of August 10th (week 6) is 155.6 

Weight as of August 17th (week 7) is 156

Weight as of August 24th (week 8) is 155.8

Weight as of August 31st (week 9) is 155.2

Weight as of September 7th (week 10) is 157

A little sad that I gained this week but not surprised, I feel like i'm at a "stuck" point for losing pounds if that makes sense. I'm working more during the week, not walking as much because it's getting darker earlier, so I'm thinking about purchasing exercise equipment for my house like an elliptical or get a gym membership. I know this is the last month for my Nutrisystem so I really want to give it my all, so here's to a new week! :)

I appreciate all of your comments, love & support while I'm on my three month Nutrisystem weight loss journey! In-case you missed the initial announcement, you can view it here!

(I am officially an #NSNation blogger, I received a 3 month's supply of Nutrisystem for free. All opinions are my own & no other compensation was received)

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