The Story Of Three: Why I keep my house clean.. "Creating a Routine"

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Why I keep my house clean.. "Creating a Routine"

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Sometimes when creating a cleaning routine for your family & home, it's easier to see what fits into your schedule, again don't overwhelm yourself by thinking that everything has to get done in one day. 

So maybe Monday's you focus on dishes, Tuesday is laundry, Wednesday is bathrooms, Thursday is dusting, Friday is floors & weekends are "catch-up" days. 

It's nice to always have small daily tasks or chores as well, theses can be things that can be done first thing in the morning to get them out of the way, like take out the trash, rotate a load of laundry, etc.

Since it's just me & the kidos here, I can wait & clean the bathrooms only once a week & the dishwasher doesn't have to be ran everyday. However, laundry is never ending it seems, to stay caught up, I usually do a load a day. 

Once a week everyone's bedding in our house gets washed, pillow cases, comforters, sheets, etc. Now if someone has an accident or if their blankets or sheets are obliviously dirtier than usual, I will throw them in the wash. 

When I first started cleaning I would make a daily list of what I knew needed to be done that day, you can use a notebook, your calendar, etc. After a few weeks of making a list I just got into the routine of what needed to be done around the house & I knew what days to do those chores. 

How do you stay in a cleaning routine at home, what works for you? Do you get the kids involved? Any other tips you'd like to add?

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Skye said...

I am always so much happier when I do a load of laundry every day. It doesn't take much time if I do it that way, but if I let it pile up, it seems to take forever to fold it all and put it away!

Ruth V. said...

I love that you have a schedule. I really need to do something like that to keep myself on track!

Kaylee Oliver said...

I don't have a cleaning routine. Maybe thats why I'm failing miserably at keeping it clean! haha