The Story Of Three: Why I keep my house clean... "Starting Small"

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Why I keep my house clean... "Starting Small"

Did you happen to see my first post on Why I keep my house clean...

When cleaning your home don't exhaust or overwhelm yourself by thinking that everything has to get done in one day, the perfect way to get into a cleaning routine is by "Starting small".

I like to work on one room at a time, I don't feel as overwhelmed when I can just focus on that one room, it's ok if it takes you 2 hours or 2 days, the goal is to complete that one room top to bottom before moving onto the next.

So when I walk into a room (bathroom, kitchen, etc), the first thing I do is go from top to bottom, so I start with the ceiling. So if I'm working on my living room, the first thing to do would be to dust my entire ceiling fan, then I would dust the flat screen that's mounted to the wall above the fireplace, next I would wipe down the mantel & dust any picture frames that are hanging on the wall. I also have windows in my living room, so the blinds & window seals get dusted as well. I use my vacuum hose to gather the dust around the baseboard, under the couch (between the cushions) & wall corners, then, I would vacuum & steam mop. However, occasionally I will wipe down the baseboards with a damp cloth. 

Now, every time I clean the living room I don't do all of the above, even though we have pets, our living area doesn't need a total dust & wipe down every single day, I honestly dust about once a week. 

What are some things you struggle with when it comes to cleaning around your home? Are some things easier to do than others? What are your tips for "Starting Small"?

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1 comment:

Jessica Allen said...

I only clean one or two rooms at a time, as well. Our house isn't very big, but with two little boys trailing behind me, it's impossible to tackle the entire house at once! And doing one or two rooms gives me a feeling of accomplishment instead of stress!