The Story Of Three: A self-interview link party hosted by TWB

Monday, October 27, 2014

A self-interview link party hosted by TWB

1. What is your name, blog title, and URL link? 
(*include a recent photo of yourself too!)


2. How did you come up with your blog’s title?

Well, I wanted to create a blog about Motherhood & after playing with some ideas I came up with IHeart-Motherhood, I really love being a Mother & it's something "iHeart"!

3. How long have you been blogging?

A little over 4 years

4. When we visit your blog, what can we expect to discover?

At IHeart-Motherhood you will find a little bit of everything, I write about my children, fashion, Autism, reviews, giveaways & more!

5. Share the link to your favorite or most popular blog post(s).

6. What are three goals you have for your blog next year?

Driving in more traffic, I'm going to start posting more fashion posts & recipes. Would love to hit 20K fans on Facebook, I've also got a few brands that I have my heart set on to work with.

7. Tell us about your family. Are you married or in a relationship? Do you have kids? If so, how many and how old are they? Do you have pets? You know, the usual stuff.

I'm a single Mom raising two little ones, my son is 8 & my daughter is 4. We have two dogs, Mr H is a German Sheppard mix & Ms L is a little fluffy lap dog. (I honestly don't know what breed she is lol)

8. What part of Texas do you call home?

Fort Worth/Keller

9. How do you make a living?

Well when I'm not writing or taxing the kids around, I clean houses, I've done it for years & I love that it allows me to be my own boss & run my own schedule. 

10. Have you attended blog conferences or social events in the past? If this is your first time, what are you most nervous about?

No, I haven't, this will be my first! I'm excited & a little nervous but I think I will have a great time!

11. What are you looking forward to the most at the TWB dinner event?

I think I'm looking forward to meeting everyone in person & chatting face to face! I'm excited to make new friends & connect with local bloggers!

12. Finally, share your social media links so we can connect online!

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A Selfie Blogger Interview


Nicole M. Hutchison said...

Don't be nervous, Jessica! Looking forward to meeting you. You should check out too. You'd be a fabulous addition to our contributing writers team. :)

Taylor Bradford said...

Super excited to meet you Jessica!!

Melissa Swedoski said...

This is going to be such fun. And hey, I love that pink watch you are wearing. I've got a Disney one that's pink ;)

Michelle Hancock said...

This will be my first blogger event as well. It will be so much fun to talk to others who are passionate about blogging. Looking forward to meeting you!