The Story Of Three: Curvy Fit Jeans from Lee Jeans

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Curvy Fit Jeans from Lee Jeans

I know you've all seen Lee Jeans here at IHeart-Motherhood before, I own several pairs & they are my go-to jeans, from summer capris to straight jeans paired with boots for cooler months, I proudly wear my Lee Jeans everywhere I go!

This fall, Lee launched two brand new lines, the Curvy Fit and Easy Fit! I was so excited to be able to try out the new Curvy Fit first hand, I've always had issues when it comes to shopping for jeans because of my curves, I'm so happy to hear about Lee's new lines!

The new Curvy Fit Collection features a No-Gap Waistband and a Modern Tilted Rise, the jeans are mid-rise in the front & higher in the back. With these features the jeans won't create an unwanted gap around the waist where your curves lie, it's made with high-stretch denim fabrication & ultra-flexible waistband. 

I chose the Curvy Fit Payton Straight Leg Modern Series jeans from Lee, these jeans fit amazingly perfect, they are soft, smooth & hug my curves in the right places. I couldn't of asked for a more comfortable pair of jeans, from my day to day busy schedule to a girls night out, these straight leg jeans are everything I could of asked for & more! 

With fall here & winter on it's way, what pair of Lee Jeans will you be wearing? You can shop online at Lee & purchase the Curvy Fit Payton Straight Leg Modern Series on sale for $34.90!

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Megan Sutliff said...

These jeans look so great on you! They compliment you very well and look very comfortable! I'll have to check them out for me, thanks!

Sandra Watts said...

Great jeans. Lees have always been my favorite.

Linda Moore said...

Love Lee jeans. These look great! Love the curvy fit they really look great on you!

denise226 said...

i love these jeans i have a few of these i love them denise smith