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Monday, October 27, 2014

I'm a morning person..

I'm a morning person, I've never been a night owl, I don't mind staying up late occasionally but my late is like 11 or midnight. I love, absolutely love being an early riser, that's just how I am, how I've always been. I enjoy being the first one to get up in the morning, catch the sunrise, take a shower quietly, enjoy the few minutes of piece & quiet before the kids & dogs are up running through the house.

I love getting things done first thing in the morning, wether it's starting the washer or emptying the dishwasher, it's nice to get my "chores" out of the way first thing in the morning & then I don't have to worry about them the rest of the day.

I also think since I had kids I get up earlier now than I ever did before, I appreciate the silence more now & am more grateful for it than in my single years. My children don't sleep in very often either, they are also early risers, it's nice on school days because everyone is ready & out the door on time, but sometimes getting up before 6 on a Saturday is hard!

I know not everyone is a morning person, so are you an early riser or a night owl? Have you always been that way?

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