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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Protect your loved ones from bed bugs with

We all enjoy a nice, comfy mattress that provides a good nights sleep after a long day of work, but did you know that you could be sharing your mattress & pillow with a creepy crawler? Yes, I'm talking about those little pesky bugs, bed bugs! Did you know that bed bugs feed mostly on human blood & they can lay 10 eggs per day, gross! While they are very difficult to treat & require a pest control professional, has all the necessary products you need to prevent bed bugs from moving in & taking over your home!

At, all of their products are exclusively endorsed by The American Sleep Association (ASA), which is the leading sleep health organization, they found that's products were of the highest quality & standards. has you protected with their affordable products, they offer the best products to give you bed bug protection at home, while your traveling & even for your young adult that is away at college living the dorm room life. From luggage liners to mattress encasement's, laundry bags & more, is here to help keep your home & family clean & free of bed bugs!

The bed bug mattress covers at act as complete bedding encasement's, leaving no room for those pesky bed bugs! Their bed bug proof mattress cover features scientifically-tested & patent pending zipper technology, it's also Entomologist tested & recommended! Every bed in your home should be protected & you'll feel even more at ease because offers a lifetime warranty & a 21 day money back guarantee, you can't beat that!

The premium travel laundry bag is the perfect addition to any room in your home, these are great for traveling or when your college student comes to visit with all of her dirty laundry, buy one for dirty clothes & have another on hand for clean laundry! It's important to keep your clothing protected from bed bugs & this anti bed bug & machine washable laundry bag stops the penetration of bed bugs in fabric!

You can prevent bed bug infestation while getting a peaceful night of sleep, I love all of the products that has to offer & prevention is the first key to keeping those annoying bugs out of your pillows, beds & home! 

Which products from are your favorite? You can purchase all of the products featured above online at & feel free to stay connected with them on Facebook as well as Twitter!

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Sandra Watts said...

I hope to never get them but great information.

Megan Sutliff said...

I always worry about bed bugs when I go away and stay in hotels. I LOVE this laundry travel bag and definitely need to get one...been meaning to get one for a while now. Thanks!

Randomosity of Southern Fried Domestication said...

I will not book a hotel unless they have bedbugfree yelp reviews

jessica pinkard said...

Lots of good information in this post. I had no idea there was a whole website/product line dedicated to bed bug protection!