The Story Of Three: A day in the life of a Single Parent

Friday, November 21, 2014

A day in the life of a Single Parent

Most days in our home are pretty organized, we run a great schedule & during the week things flow smoothly, but we are always on the go, so I thought I'd share a little bit of what my day is like as a single parent of my two children. 

I'm usually awake around 5, 5:30, however most of the time I don't get out of bed until closer to 6. If time allows, I hop in the shower, quick shower, get dressed & hair goes up, light bb cream make up on & i'm done. If I don't have time to shower or I showered the night before, I still throw my hair up, light makeup, get dressed & done, I try to keep bathroom time minimal, so my morning get ready routine is like 15 minutes or less. 

A few minutes after I get up, the kids hear me & they are up. So we turn on cartoons, get breakfast going, take vitamins, then they eat breakfast, I help them get dressed, we clean up & get back packs together for the day. I like to prepare my son's lunch the night before, except for the cold items, I leave them in the fridge until the morning of. 

So it's about 7:15am, everyone's dressed, fed, the dog has been fed & let out, I style my daughter's hair real quick, everyone brushes teeth, dishes are loaded in the dishwasher, all dirty clothes are put in the hamper or in the washer. Beds are made, it's time to go!

About 7:35 we head out the door, my son gets dropped off first at his school, his teachers come out to pick him up at 7:50, then we are off to my daughter's school. 

By 8:15, both kids have been dropped off & it's time to for me either clean a few houses, run errands, etc before it's time to be back to pick up my daughter at 11:25. Typically I have 1-2 houses during this time, a grocery store run & a stop for a drink.

Once my daughter is picked up around 11:25, we head home for lunch, the dog gets let out, I either start the dishwasher or unload it or rotate laundry, etc, this is my clean time. My daughter eats lunch, works on any homework or crafts, sometimes we go outside if weather is permitting. 

By 2:30, it's time to head back up to the school to pick up my son, we wait in line until he comes out at 2:50. We turn around to head straight home, most days he has 1 or 2 therapy sessions right after school. So once we arrive home, it's shoes off, a quick snack & therapy time. 

Once therapy for that day has ended, I get started on dinner or pull it from the crock-pot (I'm in love with crock-pot meals), we all sit down to eat dinner around 5 or 5:30. However, some days we eat as late as 6 because of gymnastics or therapy. 

After everyone has eaten, it's time to clean up the kitchen, load the dishwasher, attend to the dog again, feed him & let him outside. Soon it's bath time for kids, everyone brushes their teeth & pajama's are on.

About 7:30, it's bedtime for the kids, they get to pick out 2 or 3 stories each, I tuck them in, read to my son first, than to my daughter, it's lights out after that!

Once the kids are in bed, it's time for me to pick up anything else around the house, rotate laundry or finish any chores that didn't get accomplished at lunch, (take out trash, etc). Shortly after 8, I usually have the TV on with my shows on, the laptop open, I'm sorting through packages or mail that arrived that day & then it's usually time to write/blog. 

Around 10:30 is when I crawl into bed most nights, occasionally it's closer to 11 or by the time I actually fall asleep is close to 11. Most nights I sleep pretty solid, then morning arrives & it's time to get up & do it all over again!

So that's what my days are like most of the time, long & busy, but I enjoy every minute of it. Some days are easier than others, but my children are grateful, helpful & loving, they know our routine & stick to it, it makes a big difference! 

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