The Story Of Three: Are you shopping this weekend?

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Are you shopping this weekend?

Truth be told, I've never had an interest in the Black Friday madness, I think it gets worse every year & I participated in it once many many years ago (before kids) & I will never do it again. Now don't get me wrong, I love an amazing sale just as much as the next person, however, I have no desire to fight the crowds, traffic & wait in endless lines just to save $100, etc. 

Now stay with me here, my situation maybe a little different than yours, I'm a single parent, so one, I wouldn't be dragging my kids out with me late Thanksgiving night or super early Black Friday morning, it just doesn't make sense to do so. Second of all, I absolutely love spending time with my family, I come from a large family, so it's always nice when we get to gather around & spend time together. I wish everyone could do that instead of working on Thanksgiving day or spending Black Friday out in the cold shopping. 

Thanksgiving is a time where we should be thankful, grateful & savor the moments with our family & friends all under one roof, gathered around a delicious spread. Not worried or stressed about who's going to beat each other in line for the holiday deals. 

In previous years, we've spent Black Friday decorating the house & tree as a family, this year we actually put up decorations a little early, but I still haven't done outside lights. So "that day" has always been a fun, family Friday.

As a single parent, I'm on a budget, so most of my Holiday shopping is already done, because I planned ahead & started shopping early. There are a few Cyber Monday deals that I might check out online, like maybe some stocking stuffers or a few outfits for the kids, but I'm happy to say that I will not be shopping on Thanksgiving or Black Friday.

I know there are some that are in the retail field & must work this Thanksgiving & Black Friday, I know there are some who are excited about shopping & that's all ok, I'm not bashing on this shopping weekend, just simple expressing why I won't be joining in this year.

I wish you & your family a very, very Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy each other's love & company, be grateful & thankful for those around you. 

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