The Story Of Three: A Santa Visit, Chatting with Elves & more!

Monday, December 15, 2014

A Santa Visit, Chatting with Elves & more!

Christmas is so close & the holiday magic is in full swing, we have been so busy & my daughter has been asking for weeks to visit Santa at the mall & we finally went this past weekend! We had great timing too, Hallmark brought Santa's magical city, the Northpole to our local mall, I think I was just as excited about our trip to the mall as my daughter was!

Upon arriving at our local mall, we headed over to the Northpole Communication Station, this larger-than-life, interactive portal lets kids interact with magical new friends directly from the Northpole! My daughter was a little shy at first but later she told me she loved chatting with the elves at the Northpole & can't wait to do it again next year! 

Once her conversation was done with the Elf, she was handed a printed photo of her magical experience to take home, I was so glad they caught her on camera & so was she! After we visited the Northpole Communication Station we stood in line for a few minutes & finally got to sit & chat with Santa!

My daughter loves Santa & was so excited to sit in his lap & tell him about her long wish list for this year, after our visit was done, we headed home & thanks to Hallmark, my children will be sure to stay connected to the Northpole this year!

We were sent our very own Northpole Communicator Interactive Microphone, the Nighty-Night Northpole Christmas Interactive Book, Find Me Santa Snowflake & a Northpole Magic Mail Stationary set!

The Northpole Communicator allows your children to stay connected to the Northpole all season long, chat daily with Santa or one of his Northpole friends from December 1st until Christmas day! 

Bring the Northpole tradition right into your bedtime routine with Nighty-Night, this beautiful book is full of lights, it's the perfect bedtime book while waiting for Santa's arrival! 

We want to be sure that Santa delivers everything we asked for this year, so my children & myself had a jolly good time writing letters & sending our wish lists to Santa & Mrs Clause, even the elves at the Northpole! The stationary's magic ink reveals hidden messages when exposed to cold temps, like your freezer! 

I had one last piece of magic to give to my kids, the Find Me, Santa Snowflake! This unique snowflake allows you to write your child(s) name, then hang it somewhere in your house, the front door, on your tree, anywhere! On Christmas eve, this snowflake will glow, Santa will be sure to find your house, wherever you are, the LED light changes color & will be sure to bring extra excitement in to your home this year!

Have you visited Santa yet? We are so excited to start these new Hallmark traditions this year & years to come, what are some of your favorite Christmas traditions or memories you have with your family?

You can stay connected with Hallmark by following them on Facebook & Twitter, all of the items featured above can be purchased at the Northpole Shop!

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Megan Sutliff said...

So magical! My kids would love the North Pole communicator and Find Me Santa Snowflake! Thanks for sharing!

Jill Robbins said...

This is so cute! Your Santa pictures turned out great, too!

Danita Carr said...

So cute! That's a great Santa, too! I miss the days of going to see Santa with my kids. Thanks for sharing.

Talya Tate Boerner said...

Even though my kids are grown, I still love to see the mall all decorated for Christmas.

Patti Tucker said...

She's so stinking cute sitting on his lap!

Amber Sorrells said...

Looks like a great visit with Santa! The Northpole Communicator Interactive Microphone looks awesome, my boys would love it!

VickeC said...

how sweet and precious that was,,this is the things that kids will remember all thru their lives

Alicia said...

How fun!

cherio1 said...

Wow the photos are terrific! ALMOST makes me wish my kids were still little.

Kelly OMalley said...

I think that this would be such fun. I can see the kids taking on the radio for hours :) Love it.