The Story Of Three: Choosing the Right Light Bulb for All Your Household Needs!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Choosing the Right Light Bulb for All Your Household Needs!

With so many bulb options out there, it can be confusing to understand which ones will fulfill your household needs. We’ve all been at the store – standing in front of row after row of light bulbs, wondering which bulb is the right one.

Step 1 - Choose the Right Fit:
Pay attention to the shape of the bulb – do you need a standard bulb for your lamp, a candle shaped bulb for your ceiling fan or chandelier, perhaps large globe-shaped bulbs for your bathroom vanity, or indoor flood lights for your kitchen? Check out this video to see examples of the different bulb varieties and shapes offered by GE.

Step 2 - Choose the Right Brightness:
It used to be that the number of watts on a package told you how bright that bulb would be. That’s not the case today. You can get the same brightness from fewer watts of energy.  Instead, if you want to know how bright a bulb will be, check the lumens, which is the technical measure of brightness. Knowing the difference between wattage and lumens will help you save money, as 80% of the cost of lighting your home isn't because of the bulbs, it’s the electricity!  See more amazing statistics in this video on finding the right brightness.

Step 3 - Select Energy Savings & Lifetime:
There are a few other technological features to consider when choosing the right bulb, like durability and how long you want the bulbs to last for fixtures that are hard to reach. Look for “Long Life” bulbs so you don’t have to change hard to reach bulbs as often or “Energy Saving” bulbs for lights left on over long periods. GE’s LED bulbs provide the durability, long life, and cost efficiency you’re looking for. 

Step 4 – Choose the Right Color & Effect:
Next it’s time to consider the color and effect as each color of light gives each room in your home a different appearance.  Soft white bulbs provide warm, comfy light, while GE reveal® bulbs provide clean white light to make colors and patterns pop.  

So what do you think? Have you tried out the GE LED bulbs? Keep your eyes peeled, a GE LED review & giveaway will be coming soon!

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lil_lady_dz said...

I really need to get the right lighting for certain rooms in my house, but I didn't know the light bulb makes a difference, some rooms seem dimmer then others. And others seem too bright. Love the charts.

Pam Gurganus said...

I recently went to the store to purchase bulbs and was so surprised that I couldn't find what I usually buy! I quickly became confused and overwhelmed at all the new changes and ended up leaving the store without anything because I just didn't know what to buy! This review and information really broke it all down for me and was a great read! Thank you so much for the information...I feel so en"light"ened...pun intended! :)

Melissa Storms said...

I am confused by watts vs lumens, I watched the video you linked and think I will watch a few more, thanks for the info.

Crystal Rose said...

I love the new selection of bulbs. I'm so glad that products are changing for the better.

Tammy Woodall said...

You would think choosing bulbs for all your household lighting needs would be simple, but it really isn't. There are lots to consider when you are purchasing different bulbs for each type of lighting throughout your home - not just the bulb itself, but also the wattage. Thanks for your tips.

tat2gurlzrock said...

This can be so confusing but your review helps!

Tenley Erickson said...

Great advice and review! The right lighting can have a huge impact on the look and feel of a room. I have a few rooms that need some lighting updates. Looking forward to shining the right light on them:)

Courtney B said...

I always want fancy chandeliers in my house but truth be told they take up a LOT of energy and they are expensive AND we can never find the right bulbs. SO I gave up the glamour and went for a more modest look. :(

Janie Prather said...

I have changed to the LED light bulbs in a few of our rooms, they seem to take a while to get up to the full lighting that is needed. Sometimes they do seem deem at times. But over all they work & that's what I need. :)

Kelly OMalley said...

I do not like the new LED lights. They flicker at a rate that really bothers my eyes. Maybe I just don't have the right ones. Thanks for the info.