The Story Of Three: Peanut Planner - the new GO-TO site for expectant mothers!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Peanut Planner - the new GO-TO site for expectant mothers!

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As a parent of two young children, I was overwhelmed at the time by the amount of products, catergories & things that I would need to take care of a newborn. Now when I go shopping for other newborns or for my expecting friends & family members, I still feel overwhelmed & lost, it's only been 4 years since my baby was a baby, but boy things sure do change fast! 

Peanut Planner is a new go-to site for expectant mothers, a new mom can start to feel a little overwhelmed with what to buy because there are countless options for every product! Peanut Planner wants you to be able to enjoy shopping for your baby & they've come to the rescue with a solution! 

So how does Peanut Planner solve this problem?

Let's use strollers as an example. Not many people will buy the very first stroller they find. Most will weigh up their needs, their budget, the look and feel of the stroller, and would probably read some product reviews. 

The problem is, there are SO MANY strollers! It's easy to get lost, confused, and lose track of strollers that yo have found. It's easy to feel overwhelmed when you realize that a stroller is just one of MANY items you need to purchase for your new baby.

So, this is where Peanut Planner makes life easy!

If you see a stroller online that interests you, simply add it to your "Stroller Research Board"  using Peanut Planner's easy bookmarklet tool. Once you've thought about your needs and decided on what stroller is perfect for you, you can then approve that stroller to your "Shopping List"!

This shopping list can help your budget while your little peanut is still cooking in the womb. Plus, another exciting feature is that this "Shopping List" can be shared with friends and family as a "Gift Registry"!

All of a sudden with Peanut Planner, shopping for baby has become a little less stressful and a little bit more fun!

Just in case you want to keep track of all those items that you'd love to get, but don't make the cut for the need-to-get list, Peanut Planner allows you to add them to your Dream list. Dreams are free right? So there's no impact on your budget!

Peanut Planner is still in the BETA phase, which means there might be some bugs that need ironing out. It's really important that Peanut Planner has some BETA users, which is where YOU come in! The gang at Peanut Planner would love to hear about your experience using Peanut Planner.

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Amber Ludwig said...

I am so totally confused on how to add things from the web, or maybe my browser doesn't support it? I was excited to see some new products on the "feed" tho!