The Story Of Three: Protecting my iPhone with Speck Products

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Protecting my iPhone with Speck Products

(Disclosure: I received the items featured below for my review, no other compensation was received)

Last week I finally decided it was time to go back to "iPhone land" as I call it, a few months ago I had to say goodbye to my iPhone 5 & needed to get off of the shared plan that I was on. The iPhone 6 had not been released yet so I went with a cheap & free droid that AT&T offered, well fast forward a few months, the iPhone 6's were in stock & I wanted one!

I've missed my iPhone so much, I've been an Apple user for years & was so excited the day my new iPhone 6 Plus arrived from AT&T. However, I didn't have a case & I knew I was going to need one & a good case at that! 

I'm a phone dropper, I've dropped previous phones while taking them out of my purse, my pocket, even just walking, yup, I've dropped it! So I knew when it came to shopping around for cases for my brand new iPhone, that I wanted & needed the best, so I turned to Speck Products!

At Speck you will find a wide selection of cases & designs for your favorite devices like iPhones, Macs, iPods & more! 

Thanks to Speck's generosity, I was sent a CandyShell Grip & a CandyShell Card case for my iPhone 6 Plus. Speck offers a one year warranty, free shipping & returns on all US orders plus a 30-day unconditional guarantee!

I was so excited when my new cases from Speck arrived, these aren't just your everyday cases!

The CandyShell Grip iPhone 6 Plus Case features textured grips on the back, making it easy to text, grip, game, even take pictures, all while giving you the perfect hold. The Grip also features a military grade, drop-tested protection, it's lab tested & the volume & power buttons also have a rubberized cover but are still fully functional. 

Your phone won't be sliding all over the place either, with a raised bezel, your screen is protected from impact & also adds grip. I love the dual layer design as well, not to mention the colors are fabulous! 

I've never seen a case/wallet combo until now, Speck has really outdone themselves with these cases! The CandyShell Card iPhone 6 Plus Case is the new phone & wallet combo! This unique case allows you to carry up to three cards & cash in a secure, side-loading slot!

This case also features military grade drop tested protection, dual layer design, raised bezel & is lab tested against extreme temperatures, cracks & scratches! 

These slim cases are perfect for my busy, on the go lifestyle, I'm so thankful to have my iPhone 6 protected by the best! So how do you keep your expensive hand-held devices protected? 

Be sure to shop online at Speck & follow them on Facebook & Twitter!

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Megan Sutliff said...

My husband and I have a Speck iPhone case and we love them! I love the colors of the ones you got ;)

Pam Gurganus said...

I've never heard of Speck before, but my brother is a new iPhone owner and has been shopping around for a case. I'm definitely going to pass this information along to him! Thanks!

Gingi Freeman said...

Wish I'd heard of this when I had an iPhone, now I'm switched over to Samsung! lol.. but thanks for sharing, great review!

Anyhoo, I found your blog through a fellow blogger, and just wanted to stop by and say hi! It would totally make my day if you did the same.. or better yet, keep in touch! <3 -