The Story Of Three: Say goodbye to charging with a wire. MagTarget powers your iPhone, iPad and Android on the go!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Say goodbye to charging with a wire. MagTarget powers your iPhone, iPad and Android on the go!

Disclosure: I'm excited to share this sponsored post. Monetary compensation was received for the publishing and editing of this article.

Our household has so many gadgets I can barely keep up, I feel like if they are not in our hands they are on the charger, and they just run down so quickly it seems! Well, now thanks to MagTarget, your smart devices are charged throughout the day with a simple touch of the dock!

MagTarget is changing the way we charge devices & they are saying goodbye to flimsy wires everywhere! After years of work & several prototypes later, MagTarget created a device with a clever magnet arrangement that can make the device find the dock with a strong magnetic pull, giving it a secure hold yet easy to remove with a simple twist.

MagTarget will easily fit on your wall at home, your desk at work, on your car's dashboard & more. With MagTarget you will get the maximum charging speed available by using a direct electrical connection, full speed cordless charging with no compromises.
The MagTarget allows you to rotate your device from portrait to landscape all while charging, and the Target Ring gives you a secure connection & it won't slip off the mount! It's compatible with all iPhones, iPads, Android & Windows phones/tablets that have charging ports at the center bottom. 

So what do you think? Are you ready for a world of cordless & easy charging? I know I am! 

Be sure to stay connected with MagTarget on Facebook & Twitter! You can also purchase the Premium Set for $89, which includes the Target Ring, Target Dock, Target Base, plus the Dynamic & Target Base. (Please note this product won't be ready for shipment until April/May 2015)..

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1 comment:

tisonly143 said...

I love this idea and love all the fun colors they come in.I know my hubby could use one of these for his truck, he won't pick up the phone when he driving lol A good thing really so this would come in hand for him..