The Story Of Three: Cooking in the kitchen with my Lenovo Horizon 2S #IntelAIO

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Cooking in the kitchen with my Lenovo Horizon 2S #IntelAIO

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In January I added a new recipes tab to this blog, I also made a promise to myself that each Monday through out the year I would create and share recipes with my readers. Some recipes may be brand new, holiday related or just some of our family favorites, either way, every Monday a new recipe post would get featured. 

Thanks to my Lenovo Horizon 2S, whether I'm browsing around on Pinterest or my favorite blogs for dinner ideas, I can create, save and share in a breeze! I've never been a big meal planner, typically I can plan one or two nights out and that's about it. Well last week, I meal planned for an entire week & it was amazing, I really love how easy it is to stay organized with my all-in-one!

In the evening when I sit down to write and blog, you can typically find me at my desk in my bedroom, but now with my all-in-one, I can use it in the kitchen at the bar, or while I'm catching up with my favorite shows on the couch, it's so light weight, I have no problem moving it from one room to the other!

When cooking for my family, it's great to have the Lenovo Horizon 2S in the kitchen, I can quickly search for a recipe using Internet Explorer or Pinterest, then I can follow step by step directions while I'm working away. 

What are some of your favorite recipes to create? Will you be whipping up anything new in the kitchen this Valentine's Day?

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Amber Ludwig said...

Im a total pinterest recipe-aholic!! I tend to get in over my head lol, but I have fun making a mess while Im trying ;) Im not planning anything super special for valentines... I'll probably see what the hubby wants!

Michelle F. said...

Oh I need one of those! For Valentine's day, I'm currently baking GF cranberry white chocolate cookies!

Michelle Hancock said...

Pinterest is the new cookbook and I am a visual person so I love bringing my tablet in the kitchen with me too! I am hoping not to cook this Valentine's Day and to get take out so I can relax... Maybe my husband will read this and get the hint! ha ha

Pary Moppins said...

That little tablet is really cool. I have to meal plan or else everyone gets hangry at suppertime waiting for me to decide and execute dinner. ;)

Jennifer said...

I'm totally guilty of pinning LATE into the night! I love trying new recipes too! Thank goodness for the internets!

Megan Sutliff said...

I love having my tablet in the kitchen when I cook! I blast music through it and look for yummy recipes!