The Story Of Three: Kids Toothpastes from The Natural Dentist Review and Giveaway

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Kids Toothpastes from The Natural Dentist Review and Giveaway

Disclosure: This is a guest post from Megan at Housewife On A Mission. She received the following items mentioned in this post to facilitate this review. She received monetary compensation however all opinions are her own and were not influenced. 

Keeping my kid's teeth clean, strong and healthy is really important to me. They still have baby teeth (except my daughter does have two adult teeth), but keeping them healthy is still very important. Growing up, I never thought twice about the toothpaste I was using and it didn't really matter to me what I was using as long as the toothpaste cleaned my teeth and gave me nice fresh breath. As I've become older and a parent, I have become more aware what is going into not only my mouth, but also my kid's mouths. Mostly foods, but toothpaste and even chapstick as well. One thing that I think is hard to find, is a good kid's toothpaste that has no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners, and one doesn't have an overwhelmingly "sugar taste", but still tastes great that kids want to use. Well, I'm happy to say I was recently introduced to The Natural Dentist and they have just what I'm looking for when it comes to kids toothpaste. You may have seen some of their all-natural oral care products at your local CVS, Walgreens, or Whole Foods, but if not, let me tell you a little about them.

The mission at The Natural Dentist is to make sure that kids and their parents have the best clinically-proven oral care products - products that do not contain alcohol, harsh chemicals or artificial colors or flavors.

The children's line in particular includes Cavity Zapper Toothpastes and Mouth Rinse.  Just like The Natural Dentist's other products, their Cavity Zapper gel toothpaste does not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), and there are no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or colors. 

The toothpastes come in two kid-approved flavors-- Berry Blast and Groovy GrapeWe were sent each of the Cavity Zapper Toothpastes (fluoride gel) and a Plaque Zapper (fluoride-free) toothpaste to use with our kids and we are excited to share our thoughts with you!

Cavity Zapper for Kids (All-Natural Fluoride Toothpaste Your Kids Won’t Hate)
Use kid-friendly packaging and fruity (not-yucky) flavorings to make the brushing ritual a fun activity for both you and them. Dentists generally recommend the use of a fluoride toothpaste, to help strengthen teeth and prevent cavities starting at about 2 years old. The Natural Dentist recommends that you use it on a child-size toothbrush in small amounts and work with your child to teach them not to swallow excessive amounts.

The packaging of the toothpastes are very fun, both of my kids got excited when they saw their new toothpastes and wanted to try them out right away! The Cavity Zapper Toothpaste comes in Groovy Grape and Berry Blast, both of which taste great in my opinion. I know these are kids toothpastes, but I personally think they taste yummy and I really favor the groovy grape! Truthfully, if you're not one to like mint toothpastes, I would suggest both of these for you to use!

The Plaque Zapper comes in groovy grape and does not contain any fluoride. I like to use this one with my 2 year old son because he still tends to swallow a little bit of toothpaste when brushing his teeth. He loves his new toothpaste and says "mmmm" while brushing his teeth-- too funny! He also thinks the grape lounging in the picture on the tube of toothpaste is funny.

Overall, both of my kids love to brush their teeth with both the Cavity Zapper and Plaque Zapper toothpastes. My daughter never liked the taste of mint and so we always used kids fruit flavored toothpaste, but they were always so sugary tasting. I'm glad to report that the toothpaste we were sent from The Natural Dentist do not have a high sugar taste, but still taste great which is something I think kids want in a toothpaste (well who doesn't?!). This mama is happy with all of these toothpastes and we definitely recommend them for all kids (and adults if you like fruit flavored toothpaste). 

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