The Story Of Three: Rimiclip - Child Cabinet Lock

Friday, April 17, 2015

Rimiclip - Child Cabinet Lock

(Disclosure: I'm excited to share this sponsored post with you & spread awareness about the Rimiclip! All opinions are my own)

What if I told you there was a super easy with to baby proof your home with out using any tools? I remember the days of drilling holes into my beautiful kitchen cabinets - never again will that happen! 

I'm so excited to share Rimiclip, a brand new product that is perfect for parents & is easy on your kitchen cabinets!

Erik Hansen is the designer, inventor, maker & builder of RimiClip. When all of his friends started having babies, he became the "Mr Fix It Guy" & his friends always called him to install their cabinet locks.  So he invented Remiclip!

Rimiclip installs instantly onto your cabinets, it requires no tools or screws & doesn't cause any permanent damage to your cabinet doors or frames! Simply put the clip on the cabinet door, slide the arm into the slots on the back of the clip, and close the door, that's it!

I can't believe it's that easy, no stress, no frustration, I wish I had this when I was baby-proofing my home a few years ago!

Within just a few minutes, you can have all of your cabinets secured from curious babies & toddlers! 

Rimiclip needs your support!

Their design is final & they are ready to go into production. Once they have hit their financial target, they will go directly to their manufacturing partner & get Rimiclips produced! The Rimiclip will be 100% produced right here in the USA, from molding to production & packaging. 

Rimiclips would be great anywhere, in your home on kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, even at grandma's house!

Be sure to check out the video above & consider donating to Rimiclip on gofundme

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lil_lady_dz said...

I love how this doesn't damages the cabinets with drilling of holes or anything, looks very secure.