The Story Of Three: The Perfect Therapy Room

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Perfect Therapy Room

My Big Guy has received years of therapy & will continue to do so, we've never had a house big enough that had an extra empty room - until now. A few years ago we purchased the home we reside in now, I knew right away the front formal room wouldn't be used for dining but a play room & therapy room for my children instead.

Over the years we've figured out what my son enjoys, what he doesn't like & what helps calm & soothe him. His therapy room has had a slow start but it's coming together nicely & over the years I hope to add a few more items into his room.

My son loves swings, he currently only has one but eventually I would love to have a few different ones. We currently have the Joki Swing from La Siesta & it's been amazing! A swing is a must have for him, he loves the motion & could sit in his swing for hours if I let him.

I shared this photo on Instagram the other day - pure happiness!

Another great item my son quickly fell in love with was a weighted blanket & weighted lap pads. These don't really stay in his therapy room but he uses them daily, we have one that stays in the truck for him to use when we are driving, he also has one at school & then he has a big weighted blanket at home. 

A really good friend of ours so kindly gave us one of her son's therapy items he had out grown, a Steam Roller from SouthPaw. Big Brother C craves deep pressure & uses his rollers daily, he even has one in the classroom at school, you can also adjust the bands to increase pressure!

A balance disk or cushion is also another good thing to have on hand, from working on balancing activities like standing & reaching, kneeling, evening using it in the chair while he's eating a meal at the table, this neat little disk has many uses & has been a big help with balance! We found ours at Fun & Function & my son loves that one side is smooth & the other side features little tactile fingers.

The Resistance Tunnel is probably the best thing ever invented - seriously! My children love playing with their tunnel & it gets used a lot during therapy sessions! Not only does this tunnel provide a great work out, it can be calming too! My son loves pushing balls or carrying his favorite books through the tunnel but most of the time he enjoys chasing his little sister through it!

We also have a Fisher-Price Grow to Pro Basketball which is great for taking a break & shooting a few hoops! My son loves playing basketball & gets so excited every time he scores, this is also a fun family activity, it encourages sharing & taking turns too!

My son still struggles daily with sensory issues, balance, motor planning & more. We are so thankful for amazing, patient & caring therapists that come into our home to work with him. I love that we are able to create a therapy room for him & provide the space & equipment he needs on a daily basis!

Isn't this an awesome therapy room? Wow, if I only had the space, my son would be in heaven!

So here's a few things we hope to add over the years to complete our perfect therapy room!

Do you have a therapy room in your home? Is there anything you would add to my list?

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Megan Sutliff said...

I love how happy he looks! The swing and indoor trampoline looks fun!