The Story Of Three: The Struggle With Dinner

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Struggle With Dinner

Dinner time is the hardest meal of the day, I'm not sure why or if anyone else knows why - I'm all ears! Big Brother C is a picky eater, my daughter isn't as picky as him but I feel like for a four year old, she's a little on the picky side. 

I get burnt out on eating the same meals over & over, where as my kids could live off of pizza & chicken nuggets - plus they'd be in heaven if we had that for dinner every night! So I like to try new meals, some are trial & error, some (ok most) are Pinterest recipes I saved & while I am not the worlds best chef I do try to cook several nights a week. 

With that being said, some dinner meals are perfect, spot on, myself & my children eat everything & there's absolutely no left overs but full belly's instead. That makes me happy, makes my heart happy & typically that meal gets saved to our favorites so that it makes an appearance again soon.

It's just me here, the kids know that I do it all, nobody cooks for us (unless we attend a family cook out or a birthday party) & I'm the only one who does the grocery shopping so therefor, I get to do the meal planning. I try to be reasonable, I do know what they absolutely love (nuggets & pizza) & what they absolutely hate (seafood & certain pastas), etc.  

However, there's times (more than I'd like to admit) that dinner fails. I don't know if it's me, my cooking, or just not something my children like. So they don't eat, or they take one bite & don't want anymore. So then I feel sad or frustrated sometimes, I spent hours in the kitchen, wasted money on the food, wasted time making the food, as a result a sink-full of dishes, two hungry kids still & I have to start over. 

When nights like the above happen, one of two things happens, I grab left overs from a previous night or its a sand-which night. I know it's not the best option but during the week with our schedules we don't have time to eat out & I try not to during the week - it just doesn't work for us. Now don't get me wrong, I love going out & enjoying fajita's or hot french fries as much as the next person & sometimes we do grab fast food on the weekends, but I try to save it for a weekend thing only.

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So the other night was one of "those" nights, I made dinner, it turned out great (or at-least I thought) & I enjoyed it. However, my children did not, it was a new recipe, they didn't like it & so their plates were thrown out. 

I sat down that night after dinner & instead of kicking myself for not "making" my kids eat something I cooked, I praised myself. Let's face it "mom life" is hard sometimes, I'm not perfect & so I thought about the positives of spending time in the kitchen, cooking for my family & what kind of example I was setting. So I praised myself for attempting dinner, I praised myself for doing the grocery shopping & putting food on the table in front of my kids when so many go with out. I praised myself for not giving up or giving in & running for the closest fast food chain. I praised myself for introducing new foods to my children, even if they only took one or two bites, it was still progress. Progress we wouldn't of had if we had chicken nuggets or pizza again

I am far from the world's best chef, but I try, I try for my kids, their health, their little tummies. I try because I know at the end of the day it's important to sit around the table & visit with one another after our long days. I will continue to cook & try new recipes in our home with hopes that 9 times out of 10 everyone cleans their plate!

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Angie Bailey said...

I occasionally make a pizza casserole that your kids might like. I just prepare 2 boxes of mac-n-cheese as normal, put it in a 13 x 9 pan and add in our favorite pizza toppings (whatever your family likes) and a couple of cans of pizza sauce (I used 2-3). I top it with some shredded cheese and it's pretty delicious.