The Story Of Three: Provide a safe internet for your family with Mobicip

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Provide a safe internet for your family with Mobicip

(Disclosure: I am so excited to share Mobicip with all of you, I received compensation for this post, however all opinions are my own!)

As a parent I want to be able to provide my children with safe internet access - anytime & anywhere. We are a technology family, we own a smart tv, laptop, a touch screen computer, iPhone's , iPad's & more, the internet is everywhere & gets used daily. I shouldn't have to worry about what my children might encounter when they are watching their favorite cartoons, surfing the internet or playing their favorite games online. 

I was recently introduced to Mobicip & after visiting their website, I couldn't wait to find out more about this amazing app! Mobicip provides a safe internet for kids, not just your family & children, but it allows parents & teachers to protect children from harmful & unhealthy content. 

After visiting Mobicip online, I noticed they offered three different plans. I chose to sign up with the basic-which is free, these are the features included:
  • Pre-defined filtering levels
  • Unlimited internet usage
  • Advanced content filtering
  • Safe browser app (iOS & Android)
  • Any browser (Windos 7 & 8)

Getting started with Mobicip is easy, I created an account online, then downloaded the app from iTunes on my mobile device. I opened up the app on my iPhone, signed in, then followed the app directions. It's so easy to set up & enable Mobicip on your family's mobile devices & computers, offering parental controls for iPhone has never been easier! 

When a child is using the internet within the Mobicip app, they are safe. Mobicip replaces Safari on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, providing a safe environment for your child & the protection every parent wants from Mobicip. 

As a parent you can remotely manage the settings, monitor internet & app usage - all from an easy to use web-based Monitor dashboard. You can also receive alerts when content is blocked or allowed on your child's protected device, you even have the option to override the decision instantly in the app.

(This is my personal dashboard)

Mobicip even provides app monitoring, you can review what apps are being used on your devices, read the app reviews, check the prices, etc. You can set up time limits on each device, create custom filter settings & more, with Mobicip you can also review detailed reports of browsing history online. You don't even need to have the devices on hand to receive these reports, just another way that Mobicip is protecting  you & your child on the internet.

I've really enjoyed using Mobicip so far, it's user friendly, easy to navigate on the computer or my iPhone & I love knowing that I have an extra set of eyes watching over my children's internet usage! So who wants to ensure their children's safety online? Be sure to check out Mobicip today & download it for free from the App Store! Feel free to stay connected with Mobicip on Facebook & Twitter!

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Esther Freedman said...

Such an incredibly important topic! Thanks for sharing. My daughter isn't old enough yet to use the internet, but people don't realize how vulnerable kids are online.


Lisa Irene Serrano said...

It's great having tools like these for our children's safety. Thanks for posting. Sharing.

Megan Sutliff said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm all about protecting my kids and safe web surfing! I like that this app seems to be user-friendly!

jopb said...

I want to be able to protect my grandkids when they are older and I like having these different options. thanks for sharing