The Story Of Three: School and Teachers

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

School and Teachers

So let's talk school, specifically special education. It's teacher appreciation week, a great time to honor the teachers in your child's life. We've been honoring teachers for as long as I can remember, at just three years old Big Brother C started school. Three. Three years old. Let that sink in for a moment...

When my son was diagnosed the last thing I thought about was school or special education, he was getting therapy & school was just not something on my mind, nor did I realize he qualified to start school so young. 

Until ECI of North Texas recommended it, I quickly denied, I didn't even want to tour the school. I kindly told them I wasn't interested & went about my way. A few months later, the thought still lingered, "What if therapy wasn't enough", "He needed the social skills" & then I thought "What would he do at school", "How would he behave", etc. 

Finally, it was time, time for my baby boy who was non-verbal & Autistic to start half day pre-k at our local public school. He did amazing, he's always done great on routine so it didn't take long for him to catch on to the school routine. 

For years we were blessed with amazing teachers, my son went from half day to full day & slowly started showing improvements in certain areas, he was learning & was happy.

At one point things started going down hill, I won't give a lot of details here but it was time for a change. Big Brother C needed more & I needed more. 

We had some life events happen during this transition period that put us in another school district. One I had heard mixed feelings about, one that I was unsure about, one that we would be starting over at. Starting over. We would be starting over with new teachers, new friends & a new routine - that was a big one. 

So we did it, one foot in front of the other, Big Brother C started at a new school in a new district in our new home. He received new therapists, made new friends & with a few bumps here & there has really adjusted quite nicely.

I could not tell you what I was feeling in 2009 when my baby stepped into school for the first time, but I will tell you it has been a roller coaster ride that has to be experienced first hand to understand. It takes a lot of strength, trust & faith to be able to hand over your non-verbal child to an adult you don't know much about. 

The teachers & staff that have impacted my son's life - I will be forever grateful for. They have hearts of gold, they have shown kindness & love to my child, have taught him new sounds, words, sharing, patience & more. 

My son enjoys going to school every day, his face lights up when he sees his teachers, his favorite thing to do is to work on the Promethean Board, he helps me pack his lunch in the morning & knows when to grab his back pack when it's time to go. 

Starting school early was one of the best decisions I've made for Big Brother C, he's growing up really fast & I can't wait to see what the future holds! 

So this week we are honoring my son's amazing staff & teachers, what are you doing to show your appreciation for your child's teacher this week?

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7 comments: said...

Teachers are the best! So glad you have been blessed by so many.

Southern Elle Style

Gale said...

Hi! Saw your post over at Texas Women Bloggers.

This year has been a journey for us. I started homeschooling my youngest this year, and this month I started substitute teaching a couple days a week (while my husband took over homeschooling duties those days). I am reminded once again how thankful I am for teachers. When I get home from subbing, while I enjoy being there usually, I feel exhausted and feel like I have nothing left for my kids...and I don't have lessons to plan afterwards (well, homeschooling lessons...but I can plan those other days), or papers to grade, or parents to call or other things to prepare for class. So I'm very grateful to our teachers.

Joanie Zisk said...

It's wonderful that you have been blessed with such wonderful teachers.

Melissa Droegemueller said...

I'm glad your son is doing well! As a former classroom teacher, I know how hard teachers work--so much love and passion for the kiddos in their lives. <3

Lisa Serrano said...

Teachers are a Blessing! Your son is a great looking kid & thanks so much for posting this. Sharing.

Cassie Y said...

I am SO happy that you found a school that is both wonderful for you and for your little guy! Wonderful teachers & staff make a world of difference!

Dorothy Teel said...

The world is full of wonderful teachers and people who care for our children and their problems, I am so happy that you were able to find a school that your son loves and is advancing in, I think everyday we need to remember those who teach and guide us in life. Thank you for sharing your post, and continue to grow