The Story Of Three: Tips on keeping your electric bill low

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Tips on keeping your electric bill low

Summer time in Texas is no joke, the heat is on full force & I learned pretty quickly that I needed to watch our electric bill not only year round but especially in the summer months. We've lived in our home for about two years & trust me when I say it doesn't take much for my electricity to double if not triple in the summer months. Scary right?!

The summer months are a busy time, everyone is out for school, your family is spending more time at home, more time going in & out - letting the cool air out & the heat in & for about three months, it's just hot, hot, hot. 

Here's some tips I've learned over the years to help keep my electricity bill low during the summer months & all year long.

  1. Check the air flow - be sure that none of your windows or deals leak air, we recently had an ac company come out to add seals to all of our windows & doors, what a difference it makes! I had no idea how much air was leaking, it was shocking! 
  2. Be sure you have the correct amount of insulation in your attic, when the ac company came out to our home to check it out, they said our insulation was so low. Who knew? I've never even been up in my attic, you learn something new everyday right?!
  3. Change your inside air filter regularly. This is a big one for me because I always forget when I put a clean one in, I now change my air filter once a month. Between the kids & dogs, you'd be surprised how quickly those things get dirty. I also leave a sticky note with next month's date on the inside of the door to remind me when to change it again. 
  4. Add solar screen fabric (or something similar) to your outside windows. One side of our house gets the morning sun & the other side of our house gets the evening sun, in the summer time both times of day are the hottest because the sun is beating in. The screens were a huge help & super easy to install. 
  5. Use your ceiling fans inside. I am one of those that has to sleep with my ceiling fan on, yes every single night. Our home has a ceiling fan in almost every room, even the kitchen, I always keep all of them on low or medium. It helps circulate the air but also keep the rooms cool, this too can help your ac unit not work as hard.
  6. Don't run your washer/dryer in the heat of the day. The layout of this house is a little different & our washer/dryer are towards the garage, however it does make the hallway on that side of the house warmer when the machines are running. If it's 100 degrees outside at 3pm, I'm more than likely not going to do a load of laundry. I'll either wait until that evening when the sun has set & things have cooled off or get up early in the morning & do my laundry then. Also, wash your clothes on the cold water setting if you can!
  7. I kind of feel the same way about my oven as my washer/dryer, in the summer months, the last thing I want to do is run my oven in the heat of the day, that means heating up the kitchen & working my ac unit extra hard to keep my house cool. No thank you.
  8. Unplug electronics, appliances, etc. This tip is almost a no brainer, if your not using it, unplug it. Now am I going to unplug my tv every single day, no but my iPhone charger or laptop, yes. If they are not being used, they get unplugged. 
  9. When your away from your home you can turn off fans, lights, even bump the ac unit up so it won't kick on as much. Every little bit counts, trust me, it only takes a second to flip that light switch.
  10. A big one if you can afford it of course, is to use Energy Star appliances in your home. 

So that's it, those are my handy tips I've learned over the years to help keep our electric bill low. Do you have any tips to add? 

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Megan Sutliff said...

Great tips! We have cathedral ceilings and high windows with no curtains/blinds and sky lights, so the sun really heats up our home, making our central air run allllll the time. So annoying!