The Story Of Three: Shopping Made Easy with SIDE BY STYLE

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Shopping Made Easy with SIDE BY STYLE

(Disclosure: I am so excited to share this sponsored content with my readers. All opinions are 100% my own.)

I will be the first to admit that I don't enjoy clothes shopping for myself as much as I used too, it's exhausting taking two children shopping! Then your trying to mix & match pieces, carry around all of your items and then shove everyone into the fitting room just to try on a handful of outfits. Majority of the time I would walk out with one maybe two successful pieces. Does this sound like you too? Great, glad to know i'm not the only one! 

I recently came across an Instagram post by Fort Worth Moms Blog about a new company called SIDE BY STYLE that allows you to shop with a real stylist! Pretty neat right? I knew I had to find out more and thankfully a few days later, I was contacted by founder Amanda Scott and I was given the opportunity to try out SIDE BY STYLE!

SIDE BY STYLE offers a unique shopping experience, allowing moms and women everywhere to shop with an affordable personal stylist. They can help you save money and time, even update your wardrobe, all with out breaking the bank!

So here's how SIDE BY STYLE works:

Step 1: Visit SIDE BY STYLE and choose a stylist location. I chose Texas and then Dallas/Fort Worth, here you can view all available stylist's in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. All of the DFW stylists have hourly rates that are $20 or less. Pick your stylist that you would like to shop with! Each stylist has a bio - which includes their experience, preferred stores, hourly rates and more! 

Step 2: I chose stylist Angela, I clicked on the "Request to Book" icon under her image. Here you can view all of the stylist's available times and dates, you also have the option of choosing how long you would like your session. Next you will fill out any additional information, like what you have in mind as far as shopping, contact information, some of your favorite brands or stores, etc. Pay and hit submit, your session has now been scheduled! 

Step 3: Angela contacted me a few days prior to our scheduled shopping appointment, she asked if there was anything specific I was looking for, what kind of budget I had in mind and listed a few stores that she had in mind. I'm pretty laid back and I love to be casual, however, the t-shirts and jeans in my closet were taking over and it was time for a change! 

So on our scheduled appointment day I met with Angela at the LOFT, first off let me tell you - this is a store I have never been in, a store I've driven past a handful of times but had no desire to go into because I wasn't sure it fit my style or budget. This was our first stop, as soon as I walked in Angela was ready to go, she had clothing pieces already picked out and as we greeted and chatted we walked around the store discussing styles, colors, things I did or didn't like, etc. 

Then it was off to the fitting room! At the LOFT I tried on a few different pieces - tops, bottoms and even dresses. I tried on everything she picked out for me and then would open the door and get her thoughts on the outfit. We would agree or disagree and then move onto the next item, I even had her running to get different sizes when needed! It made such a huge difference to have her help in the fitting rooms - that's something I could get used too!

So at the LOFT, I made a purchase! I really loved the purple top, we even went down a size to a small! I loved the way it looked and felt on me, plus it was on sale! 

Angela suggested we head down the street to Old Navy and see what else we could find, so I followed her over and as soon as we walked in, she started working her magic again! We walked and talked through out the store, she grabbed clothing here and there and then we were off to the fitting room again! 

Old Navy is probably one of my favorite stores to shop at for my family, but again I was looking to get away from the t-shirts and jeans and I was successful thanks to Angela!

While in the fitting room I tried on a variety of dresses, skirts and tops, again showing off my style to Angela each time and we actually found a few pieces that I really liked! I chose a tank, a beautiful patterned skirt and this dress! Items I've probably walked by several times and never thought to try them on, I'm so glad Angela suggested them, I really love the colors!

I'd say this shopping trip was a success! Not only did I actually enjoy shopping with Angela and for myself, I got to meet up with another local blogger! Angela is super sweet and she made my shopping trip a breeze, she was helpful, offered me some great tips and I can't wait to do it again! 

So if your looking for a few new fashion pieces, or something special for an upcoming event, anniversary, etc, I encourage you to check out SIDE BY STYLE and try shopping with a stylist! Be sure to give SIDE BY STYLE a like on Facebook to stay up to date on all the latest happenings!

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Megan Sutliff said...

Wow this sounds really neat! It's cool an actual person will meet you in person to help you shop. I too have two kids and know the fitting room struggles hah! Thanks for introducing me to this!

The Thrifty Pineapple said...

I had a pleasure shopping with you, Jessica! You look absolutely fabulous in your new outfits! Thanks for the kind words!