The Story Of Three: Doctor On Demand

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Doctor On Demand

(Disclosure: I was provided a coupon code to experience Doctor On Demand for free. Additional compensation was received, however, all opinions are 100% my own!)

Now that school is in session, I'm just waiting for that first dreaded phone call from the nurse. The one that states that one of my children are not feeling well. Schools are full of germs, and while hand washing is important and highly recommended, it's bound to happen that your little one will come down with something.

Whether its the common cold or cough, sore throat, flu, pink eye or an upset stomach. When our kids don't feel good, we want to do everything possible to get them back on the right track! It's not fun business when your not feeling well and the last thing you want to do is go sit in a doctor's office with other sick people. 

Well today, that changes! I'm so excited to introduce Doctor On Demand

Doctor on Demand provides video visits with physicians, psychologists and lactation consultants. They provide focused care with out leaving the comfort of your home. Thanks to technology, the providers at Doctor On Demand can look, listen and engage with you to diagnose your issues and provide an effective treatment plan.

With Doctor On Demand you pay per visit with no other fees. Prices range from $40 to $95, depending on the type of care/doctor you are visiting and the length of the session. They treat some of the most common issues including - pediatric triage, cold & flu, skin issues and rashes, UTI's, sports injuries, eye conditions, diarrhea/vomiting, stress and anxiety, addiction problems, depression, milk production, relationship issues and more.  

Doctor On Demand hand picks some of the top board-certified pediatricians in the country. Their providers go through rigorous screening, training and ongoing quality assurance. Every patient can rate each visit as well.

Getting started with Doctor On Demand is easy:
  1. Download the free app for your iPhone, iPad, Android or connect on the web. You can find it in the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Register or create an account for FREE.
  3. Use the code MOTHERHOOD15 to get your first visit for free!

Once your in the app you can update your health information, locate your local pharmacist, meet the providers, schedule an appointment and more! 

I was really impressed with my first visit using Doctor On Demand! Big Brother C has been sneezing like crazy the past few days and I've been trying to figure out if it's just allergies or the beginning of a cold or sinus infection! 

I love the ease of the Doctor On Demand app, as my appointment time drew near, I received a text alert to open up the app and wait patently as it connected me to my doctor. Dr Encinas and I chatted about my son's medical history, what his symptoms were and how we would proceed. He was super nice and it was great to be able to face to face chat with a doctor with out having to drag my children to the doctor's office.

As an extremely busy single parent, I think Doctor On Demand is a great idea, especially during the crazy school year! Are you ready to try Doctor On Demand for yourself? Use code MOTHERHOOD15 for a free first visit! 

Be sure to stay connected to Doctor On Demand on Facebook and Twitter!

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Megan Sutliff said...

I keep hearing great things about this app. So convenient to see a doctor at home!

Patti Tucker said...

OMGosh! The future is here!

Christina Routon said...

I remember waiting 2 hours for a doctor visit for my 18 month old son and trying to comfort him in the waiting room. His temperature was 103 and still we waited. This would have been so nice to have back then.

Jennifer said...

So cool! I'll keep this in mind the next time the hubs gets sick!

Natalie B. said...

This is such a neat service. It'd be perfect for all the little things that happen with my grandson. So nice to not have to run to the doctor all the time. Thank-you for the information. :)