The Story Of Three: 5 Frugal Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids

Friday, October 16, 2015

5 Frugal Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids

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Halloween is just around the corner, and it is time to think of fun and scary Halloween costume ideas for kids! And since not all of us can afford brand new ones, there are some ways how to make Halloween a lot easier and cheaper for all. Bellow you will find five such ideas. These can be a perfect way to celebrate the spookiest night of the year and stay in your personal budget better too. So – enjoy creating, making people scared and having a great time with your kids this Halloween!

An artist
This is one of the easiest and the cheapest Halloween costume ideas ever. All you need to have is an oversized white t-shirt, dark pants, a beret and a palette of colors on it. All together – a perfect small artist! If you don’t have a palette – then a simple box with a few colorful spots on it can be as good as palette easily. To make things funnier – add a small black moustache of child’s face to finish up the artist look more perfectly! And here you go - a little artist from France!

A cat
Again – all you need to have to create this costume is black clothing, some paint and a box. Dress your kid all in black (a top can have a hood) and paint hard paper or a part of the box in black and after it dries – cut out two triangles. That would be a cat’s ears. Attach ears to the top of the hood, either with small pieces of duct tape or with hot glue. What are we missing? A tail! A few pairs of black stuffed socks and a duck tape can do the trick as well. For the end – draw a few moustaches on a kid’s face and you have a little black cat in your house. Meow!

A laundry basket
A hilarious costume that will win everyone’s heart can be a pretty easy to DIY and home too. Again, you need a big box that you can paint to look like a laundry basket. Cut two holes for kid’s legs and make it stay with duck tape. After that – throw as many clothing as you want to make it look like it is full. Make sure it fits right with some double sided tape, and you have a cute little walking laundry basket for this Halloween! 

A box, some paint, and a few solo cups are all you need to transform your little bundle of joy into a LEGO for Halloween. And it works for many different ages too! It is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to have a Halloween costume to win a lot of hearts, and kids will love to wear it to because it is colorful and fun as well!

So these are just a starting five ideas for a Halloween costume that are pretty easy to do and requires just a few hours (or less) of work. But if you can’t afford to spend so much time, there is another way how you can get a cheap Halloween costume for your child! I am talking about these Target’s coupons I got from Since now it is a huge sale of these children’s costumes, you can make those prices get to be even lower with these coupons too. So – it is a frugal costume that needs neither your time nor hard work! Easy! 

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Esther Freedman said...

These are so cute and creative! I'm so excited for Halloween!

Jennifer said...

A laundry basket! Brilliant!! That one made me LOL :)