The Story Of Three: A Birthday Visit to Build-A-Bear Workshop

Friday, October 30, 2015

A Birthday Visit to Build-A-Bear Workshop

(Disclosure: Build-A-Bear Workshop treated my daughter to an animal of her choice for her birthday and the purpose of this post. No compensation was received, all opinions are my own.)

Build-A-Bear Workshop is a fun and magical place where stuffed animals and memories are made! If you have a little one, you've probably heard of the famous workshop, but have you ever actually gone in and created your very own animal??? 

Well Build-A-Bear Workshop let's your child do just that - through their interactive bear-making stations, your child will create their very own personalized stuffed animal. We scheduled a special birthday visit to our local Build-A-Bear, upon arriving we were warmly greeted by Sarah. When you first walk into Build-A-Bear you'll notice that there are over 30 furry friends along the wall ready to be made, including bears, bunnies, cats, dogs, wild furry friends, limited editions and more! Sarah and Little Sister C excitedly started discussing what kind of new friend was going to be made on my daughter's special day! Little Sister C had a hard time picking out just one, there are so many adorable friends to chose from, but she finally narrowed it down to the 15 inch Promise Pets Siamese Kitty!

Once a stuffed animal is chosen, you move on to the "Hear Me" station. You can record a special Build-A-Sound® message or chose a pre-recorded sound or song to add to your child's new friend. At this station, Little Sister chose to add a pre-recorded "meow" sound for her kitty cat. Then we moved on to the "Stuff and Stitch Me" station. Little Sister C selected a heart - with it she made a wish, sealed it with a kiss and placed it inside her kitty. Then the fun part came - she got to use the pedal and with the help of Sarah added stuffing to her furry friend! 

Sarah even let my daughter hug her new kitty to see if she was stuffed just right, then it was time to be stitched up and move on to the next station. At the "Fluff Me" station, Little Sister C gave Siamese Kitty a good brush and bath, then it was time to dress her stuffed animal.

Along another wall at Build-A-Bear Workshop you will find a ton of outfits and accessories to dress up your new furry friend! Again, so many options are available to chose from like a ballerina outfit or a baseball player, they even have tiara's, panties, shoes, pajamas and more! My daughter had her shopping basket in hand and in no time had an outfit picked out for Siamese Kitty, Sarah helped get the kitty dressed and then we all headed over to the computers to work at the "Name Me" station. 

At the last and final station, you and your child will create a personalized birth certificate. Here your new stuffed animal is given a name, and even registered in the Find-A-Bear® ID tracking system. Should your child's Build-A-Bear ever get lost, this unique program will help find their way back home. The birth certificate is printed out, and now your child's new stuffed animal is ready to head to it's forever home! 

Little Sister C had such a great time at Build-A-Bear Workshop, Sarah was so friendly and helpful, she really made our entire experience enjoyable and one that my daughter will remember for a lifetime! Sparkles the kitty, had no problem adjusting to her new home, nowadays you can find her snuggled up in my daughter's bed with her closest furry friends!

Build-A-Bear's also make a great gift, whether your shopping for a new bundle of joy or a Christmas gift, you'll be sure to find the perfect stuffed animal for that special person! 

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So what do you think? Have you taken your child to Build-A-Bear Workshop yet?

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Patti Tucker said...

Never been to build-a-bear, but I suspect it's in my future!

Kendra said...

I love build-a-bear, did it with my god daughters every birthday when they were younger.... Now I want to take my boys! Maybe we'll do that around Christmas. I will be following your blog from! Love your site!

Megan Sutliff said...

We love Build A Bear! Such a fun birthday present!

Natalie B. said...

The is the coolest idea! I love that you get a birth certificate and your animal can be tracked. I'm going to have to see if we have one in our area because my grandson would love it. Thanks for the fun information. :)

Lora said...

I love Build-A-Bear! :) Once I have kids, we will probably be visiting there weekly simply because I love it so much, ha.

~ Lora @ Crazy Running Girl