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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Advanced Biobanking

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This past spring I shared information on LifebankUSA and the benefits of cord blood banking (you can read more about it here)! Well today, I'm so excited to share Advanced Biobanking - a new generation of Proactive Life-Banking Services!

I personally have never used a cord blood bank, to be honest when my children were born I didn't even know much about it. This year alone, LifebankUSA has taught me so much about the importance of cord blood banking and what all it has to offer! Everyday parents are choosing to bank their child's cord blood with LifebankUSA - the only company that offers cord blood, placenta blood and tissue banking.

LifebankUSA has years of experience and leadership in stem cell research and development. They are delivering four new very important biobanking services - Placental Blood Banking, Complete Placenta Banking, Cord Vessels and Cord Platelet Rich Plasma.

Did you know the placenta is an immune privileged organ with unique regenerative properties that offer opportunities for the treatment of immune disorders and self-repair strategies? Well, it's true - the placental blood alone contains various types of progenitor stem cells that play a role in stimulating the body's own repair mechanisms to heal previously damaged tissues or organs. 

Today, scientists are exploring the use of progenitor stem cells in diseases like cerebral palsy, diabetes, spinal cord injury and more. Placental blood contains a wealth of stem cells that are critical for bone marrow and cord blood transplants, studies show that these stem cells significantly improve success and survival rates. 

Complete Placenta Banking offers potential for new treatments in wound healing, organ transplant and growth and even in immune disorders. If you chose to bank the arteries in the umbilical cord, it has the potential for new surgical applications in treating heart disease - the leading cause of death in the USA.

The umbilical cord is such an important piece for banking, both adult and umbilical cord platelet rich-plasma contain cytokines and growth factors that can be used for repair of tissue tears, fractures, eye injuries and other wounds. 

LifebankUSA offers more protection and better protection, when you increase the number of life-saving cells you store, the number of conditions you can treat increases as well. 

Have you thought about cord blood banking? Or have you done it before? What do you think about Advanced Biobanking

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